Friday, July 07, 2006

Foodie Friday-NOT!

I am so messed up from the holiday this week and I don't think I'll have a post for foodie friday this week-what a crappy ringleader!

Today is a busy day, Mike took off and we're headed to my rheumy appointment (about an hour away). I finally am off the steroids, yesterday was the last one (been on them since December) and I am thrilled.

Weather is fantastic today-will probably hit Kohl's on the way home (still need clothes, only found one pair of shorts last week)-but that depends on our moods, as always.

We'll probably go swimming this afternoon too-so I don't expect being online much.

Worked on a sock last night, South Bay ones (I think that's the name). Anyway, got to the heel part and completely and utterly lost it-even used Andrea's "cheat sheet" and was lost as hell. I am also using the Knit Picks yarn "Dancing", which has elastic, and probably wasn't the best choice for trying out a new pattern. The yarn stretches (duh) and is rounded and slippery. I may try it with regular merino sock yarn. I'll do Kimberly's V-Socks for Me Socks probably, although I anticipate the yarn being a bugger for these too. I did find a pattern in Crocheted Socks: 16 Fun To Stich Patterns. The sock pattern is Tutti-Frutti and uses this type of sock yarn (it's that greenish/orange one on your left as you look at the cover). Of course almost the entire sock is done is slip stitches and it has the increase/decrease heel thingy (although different from South Bay).

I really have to learn to knit these things.....


DixieRedHead said...

hope everything goes well at the Dr's. I just learned how to knit and purl. LOL I wish I was up to a project... not yet.

halfjackd said...

I used to be so terrified of knitting socks that I would literally break out in a sweat when I'd think about trying it. I finally dove in and seriously, it's so easy I'm embarrassed I was ever that scared. You can do it, really, you can!

I haven't seen that book, but I'm going to have to look for it...I love socks!

Joy said...

The very thought of knitting socks throws me into a cold sweat. :)

noricum said...

Sorry... I need to write those better. :(

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