Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Espadrilles-Part 1-the Sole

Okay, after much fiddling around this the jute today (too freaking much if you ask me, I am covered in jute shit and my hands hurt like hell, but all in the name of a FO). Anyway, I finally figured out the exact sizing I need, although a little wider for my wide feet would have been nice, but I am not frogging the sole again.

I could only find 3-ply jute-checked 5 stores and just gave in to the 3-ply. 3-Ply is not thick enough to make a sole, even if you use a smaller hook (frog 1) or the called for hook size (frog 2). I doubled it and made the larger size because I read on someone else's blog months ago that the sizing ran a bit small-so I did the 3 ply doubled up and an N (10.00 mm) hook and made the size large-definitely a size large-way too big-(frog three).

Finally, I made it the size medium (which is what I should have just done), used 3-ply doubled and a 10.00 mm hook (in my case, it was a size N-thick bamboo hook from China that I bought off of eBay just to have some extra bamboos that were good to use with jute and other "weird" fibers).

I still have to make another, but it's not that tough, I just made it tougher.



The top of my foot looks weird and I think it's from the sandals I've been wearing-they leave freakish marks on the top-huh.

I should have the other sole done tonight and then for the tops. I was going to use this silk my SIL brought back from China for me, but it's a big ass mess blob upstairs now. I do have one ball of Rowan Calmer in Peacock-(like a bluish/green color), but it's cotton and acrylic and I'm afraid of stretchiness. Any suggestions out there? 100% mercerized cotton? 100% cotton? Help......


Susana said...

No suggestions but I'm a complete shoe freak, so I can't wait to see the finished product!

Jessi said...

I don't have anything helpful to say about what to use, since I asked you. Lol. But WHOOP! for you for getting that thing done. Give yourself a Klondike bar. Or whatever. Gonna make those soon! O also want to get some colored jute to make that rug that's in the Happy Hooker book for Erica's room. She likes it.

Jaye said...

I am certainly no expert but I think I'd go thru the hassle of untangling the big ass mess blob. Wouldn't 100% cotton have more stretch to it than a blend?

Anonymous said...

Oh--I really want to make those--great job!

halfjackd said...

Do you think there'll be a lot of stretch factor with a cotton/acrylic blend? I know cotton is stretchy, but maybe not so much with the acrylic. Some help I am huh?

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how they come out...I might have to go searching for IK (that's what it's in, right?)

Duh...I'm lost today lol. Take care!

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