Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back To Normal

..or whatever normal may be around here. Mike went back to work this AM-after taking off last Friday, Monday and yesterday, he had his first 5 day weekend in ages. It flew by fast too, although I am confused that it's Wednesday today and not Monday-feels like Monday all over.

It's raining here today and still very hot and humid. I planned to clean out the laundry room and go through the piles of clothes (all mine) in there, but it's hot in that part of the house and yesterday, I was inspired, today not much....maybe a little today, we'll see.

Hopefully, I'll finish up testing Jessi's bolero today (I'm on the last sleeve and then to the seaming) and can get started on the foot CAL-I plan to make a pair of socks, as well as the Seaside espadrilles, but again, can't get motivated. I'll probably start with the socks.

Mike's off Friday too because I have a rheumy appointment and he likes to go with me. Tomorrow is my last day of steroids and so far, things are going well and I don't think I'll have to see the endocrinologist-I think my adrenal gland is kicking back on it's own fine, no symptomology to point otherwise. Aunt Flo is due for a visit though, so I am crabby, tired and cranky, although those around me would be hard pressed to see the difference.

Have a good Wednesday and maybe tomorrow I'll have something interesting to post here.


halfjackd said...

I'm having that "Monday" feeling as well. I can't decide if I like it because I have the house to myself or if I hate it because Mondays bring me bad luck lol

Kari said...

Monday feeling day here too.
Seems like those days off never last long enough.
Rain here humid and cool at least it's not as hot as it has been.

Can't wait to see the finished bolero, (and Jessi's finished pattern).

DixieRedHead said...

looking fwd to seeing the bolero too! Glad I'm not the only one in Monday mode.

ladylinoleum said...

Tell Aunt Flo to take a hike...LOL.

It's hot here too. Difficult to get motivated to do anything. I know how you feel...

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