Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Apparently, I wasn't wrong.............

I frogged, rehooked and came out the same-Anyone out there who made the size Large in the Short N Sweet-right front (and I am sure left front)-what did you do for rows 14-16-they are repeats of row 6-8, but dammit, it doesn't work with a half shell on each end-it's not right, one side needs a shell and one side doesn't, but the numbers don't and won't add up?

I emailed Lavonne---


Bron said...

Have you gotten an answer yet? If not, I'll dig mine out & see, but if I remember correctly, I ignored the directions at that point & did what looked right to me. I didn't have the corrections when I crocheted mine - I just winged it. I distinctly remember two places that caused me problems (and no - I never did that extra little chain thing either!)

Let me know!

Andrea..from canada said...

I had the same problem with mine. I wasn't happy with the end result, but it looks ok on. It has been too hot for my daughter to wear it anyway. But I hesitate at making another one.

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