Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stash Sale-Ebay

After finally admitting that I have a lot of yarn I won't use and don't like to keep it for more than a year, I have culled through some-not all, just some. I did use some of the yarn off the cones, some I never touched-had ideas, but not enough time or inclination to do them. Most of it is cone chenille, acrylic and 100% cotton. There is a cotton softball boucle cone (dyeable, just didn't do it), as well as some faux mohair. Most start at $0.99 and shipping is actual shipping costs (I had to add 8 oz weight for the box). I would have just posted them here, but figuring out the shipping charges, etc this way versus Ebay was a pain in the patootey. All stored in plastic totes, smoke free home.

If you're interested and wanna take a peek or make a bid just go to Stash Sale.


noricum said...

Whoops... I made a (low) bid on the cotton boucle before realizing you only want to ship to the US. Well, I'll likely be outbid anyway (since I only bid the minimum).

Amanda said...

Hmmmmm...I don't see anything listed. Figures, I'm too late to the party and everything's gone!

Deneen said...

amanda-apparently eBay was having some issues this AM, but it's working now.

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