Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Didja ever find a seller that you really liked and were thrilled with? I did and now here is my shameless plug. Please note: I am not being compensated in any way for this plug-I swear. Her stuff is nice, really nice and priced affordably and she has cheap shipping-besides, she super nice too.

Stick Chick Designs has some fabulous wool, roving, silk and cotton yarn all ready for dyeing, as well as some natural colored alpaca that is so pretty.

I recently bought some of her Duo-Tone merino wool. The duo-tone fascinates me because it's a two ply yarn that is spun in such a way that it takes up dye differently (hence, one ply will be darker than the other). I ordered some of this last week and plan to dye it later this week. It was super soft, really soft-much softer than the Wool of the Andes I purchase for dyeing. I also just ordered some dye your own superwash merino sock yarn and can't wait to get my hands on that. Jennifer has dye your own laceweight silk, cotton tape, cotton/rayon yarn and Tussah silk that, for now, is beyond my dyeing capabilities, but something I am going to try in the near future.

Her prices are great: 100% merino wool superwash sock yarn $3.75 for 280 yds/2 ounces with shipping at just $0.80.
The Duo Tone Merino is a DK weight (super, super soft) and is only $4.00 for a 124 yd skein with shipping at just $0.65.
Tussah Silk 166 yd skein is $6.50 with the $0.65 shipping
Cotton Tape (which I want to try soon) is 105 yard skein and only $4.00 with $0.65 shipping
lastly, Dye your own Roving-natural cream colored and comes in a 4 ounce quantity for $4.00 ($1 an ounce is a great, great price).

I won't list anymore stuff, check it out yourself. I also put her button on my sidebar.

If you need larger quantities than what is listed, you can e-mail her through Etsy-she gets back to you within the day and usually ships same day.

Quality and good customer service cannot be beat (and, like I said, she's nice too). Did I mention she ships INTERNATIONALLY too (reasonably too). Go, get over there, what are you waiting for?


jess said...

looks promising! thanks for the heads up!

Vera said...

Pretty stuff. Should I give dyeing a try?

Faye said...

Thank you for the info! ;)

Mimi said...

Now I'm really tempted to buy some imported yarns, but still have to wait till I make use of some that I already have here ;) Thanks for the info!

Rebecca said...

thanks for the link. today, just so happens to be payday :D

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