Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday's Round Up

We didn't do much this weekend, really. Saturday was dreadful weather-wise. Humid and times with downpours that made the entire day kind of a wash out. We did nap for several hours (all three of us), so that was kinda nice. Love the sound of the rain when I sleep (or at least as I go to sleep-not sure if I hear it when I sleep).

I fiddled with the pool yesterday and can't get the water to clear up. We vacuumed it in the AM, shocked it, raised the pH and it's not like I want it. Of course, no sunshine and cooler temps make it a bit tougher to fiddle with. Today I'll add the stuff to get rid of iron, etc. and then tomorrow Algaecide and see how it goes. If I am still not happy, I'll check the pH, adjust it again and then shock it again. Really a big ole pain in the ass.

Crochet-wise, I ended up frogging the test project for Amy, but will restart. I am done one side of the "Openwork tunic" or mesh tank, as I like to call it from NY Yarns. I'm using Aunt Lydia's Denim in Black and an I hook (only way I could get gauge and making the XL, but it's gonna be a bit too big-but that's okay-I intended to wear it over another tank top or over my bathing suit. The AL splits a bit, didn't have this problem when I used the color Milk though. It's only for knocking around here anyway. I have so many things I want to make, not enough time or inclination. I tend to crochet in between stuff and easy projects end up taking me about a week.

Today, I have a chiropractor appointment and then, ugh I hate it, my annual GYN appointment. Why I hate this, I do not know, but I actually get myself sick about going. Okay, I hate my GYN. So why am I seeing him again. Long story short, he was my OB with Elena and the head of maternity at the hospital I was in and highly recommended. His voice sounds like Norm McDonald and to this day, any time I hear Norm McDonald, I think of my GYN-sad. Anyway, before I ran into all the complications with my pregnancy, I had some bleeding. I called the GYN and he told me to meet him at the hospital. He did the exam there and asked me some questions. He asked about sex and I told him I had it the night before. He then berated me for like 20 minutes about having sex. First off, no one said I shouldn't and I never read anywhere that you couldn't have sex at 6 months pregnant. As I listened to him, I realized he hated sex-seriously. He was appalled that anyone would have sex and I guess to him sex is a mean to get pregnant and since I was, no reason to have it. He was only about 48 at the time and married and it kinda freaked me out. The at my next follow up, my BP was really bad and he yelled at me for eating processed foods-which I don't really and hadn't been. At that point, I had only gained about 12 lbs since conception and yet he didn't want to hear it. My insurance carrier was Aetna and they had a pregnancy program where they sent a nurse out to check your BP, etc and talk to you. My nurse came out, checked my BP and immediately called my OB/GYN and advised admittance to the hospital. I got to the hospital and my OB/GYN starting giving me shit about having a nurse check my BP, etc-acted like I didn't trust him. At this point, I am 7 months into the pregnancy and really freaking hormonal and fed up. He admits me for permanent bedrest until the baby is born. That was two freaking months away! I get admitted and don't leave the bed except to pee. My blood pressure is still going up, protein in my urine is skyrocketing and he accuses me of not doing the bedrest. Now, my nurse comes in and says to him, quite sternly, she hasn't left the bed, is lying on her left side and is doing everything right-leave her along. I wanted to cry. Next morning, they do the daily lab work and within an hour, they come in and hook me up to IV, etc-I am scared shitless and want to know what the hell is going on. My OB/GYN saunters in and announces "I can't control your BP or your kidneys-if you stay here either you or the baby will end up possibly dying-I'm transferring you out to Philadelphia-good luck". WTF-in any event, I was transferred, went another 3 1/2 weeks on mag sulfate and ended up delivering way early-everything worked out all right, but it kinda tainted the doctor for me. Fast forward-my follow up from childbirth went well, but it was then I decided to transfer to an associate he had and saw him for four years after that. Now, my appointment is a few months late and I called their office. They are in my area on Mondays only. The associate I saw left and another came in his place. I tried to get an appointment with her, but damn she was booked up through August, but "lucky" for me, Dr. S had an opening this Monday. I swear, my stomach sank-but I made the appointment-it's once a year and I want it done and I need a referral for my mammogram, etc. It wasn't such a short story, but can ya understand why I am so tense???

Wow, did I go on-at least I got some stuff off my chest.


Bron said...

Holy cow! What an experience! I don't blame you for not wanting to see that guy again. Honestly, some people must be in medicine just for the $$ because they haven't an ounce of human compassion in them. And for a OB/Gyn to act that way is doubly awful!

Good luck with your appt.!

Stacy said...

That sucks. An annual is uncomfortable enough without adding a jerky doctor into the mix. Hope it goes quickly for you.

Kari said...

I H-A-T-E bad drs, they suck butt.
Just ignore him, at the end if he is too much of a pig tell him THAT is why stopped seeing him.
I hated the obgyn I had for the boy, he was a knowitall prick of a man, I was sooo glad to go into labor on his vacation. LOL

Jessica said...

Oh man, that sucks!

It took me a couple of years, but I finally found a gynocologist that I love. He's really great and asks that all-important question: "Is there anything you want to talk about?"

Maybe it's about time to switch practices after this for you? Ask around, I'll bet you'll find a reccommendation!

Chin up. It doesn't take long and you'll probably spend more time waiting to see him than you do in his presence. :)

vicki said...

deneen, hon i am sorry you had to deal with that jackass of a doctor, glad things are calming down, just tune the moron out, sounds like he needs to go back to school and learn how to be a human being with compasssion. i hate suc doctors . chi up girl, glad your doing alright huggggs

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