Monday, June 19, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's finally hot-I am thrilled now, in a month (or less), I'll be complaining.

The pool is set and we swam all day yesterday. Still cool-79, but Elena doesn't care.

I finished a baby gift for someone and won't post it til she gets it.

I am also working on a tank for Elena in Moda Dea Ticker Tape-using the NY Yarns pattern, but of course tweaking it up a bit. Cindy sent me this yarn eons ago and I promised to make a tank with it for Elena and I finally am.

I want to start the Seaside Espadrilles from the latest Interweave Crochet and will this week, no matter what!

I also plan to clean out of more of my stash to list on eBay. Mostly acrylic baby yarns, etc. I am trying to just make some room and get rid of stuff I've had for over a year and haven't used and don't have plans for. Of course, all my wool is packed in the cedar chest and I'm not touching that-but have to just go through it all. Thanks to Wendy, the moth nightmare is alive and well. Two weeks ago, I saw a moth flying around my bedroom and freaked out. My husband keeps telling me it just came in from downstairs, but still. The cedar chest is cedar (duh) and I've added cedar balls to it, as well as a bag of dried lavender and some natural moth repellent bags (peppermint and other herbs). I just keep buying it as I see it and adding it in to the cedar chest-quite a lovely smell now, but I am still freaked by the moths.

Well, I plan to clean a bit this AM. Elena is fixated on Harry Potter and we rented the movie and have watched it about 3 times off and on this weekend and she is intent on watching it this AM before swimming, so I am taking this rare opportunity of silence (from her anyway) and non-nagging to swim, go out, do something fun, etc. and using it to my advantage.


Joy said...

Tell me, are you afraid of moths because they eat things they shouldn't or do they honestly freak you the eff out? Because I am TERRIFIED of them. To the point of panic and hiding and much screching and flailing about occurs when one enters my space!

Jaye said...

79?! You dawgs! We're finally up to 76 but it's dirty again - gah!

The wool will be fine in the cedar chest - don't worry! I have and have had the majority of mine stashed there for a long time and haven't ever had a problem. Any over-flow has been stashed in Rubbermaid bins with a few blocks of cedar tossed in and that's been safe from any wayward moths too.

Those Seaside Espadrilles are adorable, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Have a great day...

DixieRedHead said...

I checked the pool this am. Mine is 84 now. woohoo. do u get in with elena or crochet and watch her? I'm half and half with my dd's

Wendy said...

Well, you will be thrilled to know what I bought, then...It is called Nosquito. It is an indoor flying insect trap. It actually came with an outdoor bug light that I bought at Costco for about $35.

Last night was the first time we used the bug lights. The outdoor one attracted a lot of bugs and was killing them, yay...hey, I know bugs are handy, but we have a lot of them and it is better we kill them along side the house then have them come into the house.

However, it is really the indoor Nosquito flying insect trap that is the real hero. It doesn't zap. It is a light that attracts flying bugs and then there is a fan that sucks them into a trap. The fan keeps them in there. When you turn it off, the trap door closes. Surely it wouldn't work, I thought. Wouldn't you know, 2 moths were caught in it last night. Right there I think I got my monies worth. The flies don't go in there....unfortunately. Just thought I would share.

Oh, and it was 100F on Friday...and suppose to get that hot again this week...yuck!

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