Monday, June 05, 2006

Grrr-Blogger, The Phone Company and anyone else

I was adding something to my template (see MapStats on sidebar) and all went well, I previewed it and saved template. When it came time to republish the index, Blogger crapped out on me and also took my template with it. I had saved an older version Kari did (as I wiped sweat from my brow) and then only thing is the blogroll doesn't roll-but that's okay.

My GYN appointment went swimmingly-he wasn't as smarmy as past visits, he even has gray hair now and put on some weight-still sounded like Norm McDonald though. He did comment on my weight loss from last year (according to their scale, I lost another 3 lbs) so I am down 25 lbs. and it's only because most food sickens the heck out of me now since the gallbladder was out. New foods I cannot eat because: 1) they upset my stomach 2) They very smell of them make my stomach turn is hot dogs-I think I want one, but they all taste awful; mayonnaise, lunch meat, pudding, ice cream, the list is endless. This is tough for me cause I love to cook and eat. I still cook a lot, just don't eat most of it, which is now making me a fussy eater. I can also only eat much smaller portions of food. We went to a Chinese buffet this weekend, buffets in general usually skeeve me out, but I only ate one little plate of food and I was full and miserable with indigestion. Now, I thought the gallbladder out was supposed to eliminate that, but who knows.

Didn't crochet today yet at all. I did a little housework, laundry and then was going to work on the pool, but got an email from someone telling me they had been trying to call me since 3:00 PM the day before and it rings twice and goes to a fast busy signal. I thought the phone was quiet last night and, not being one to talk much on the phone, I never picked it up. Yup, dead-all the lines, all phones, including the outside box you can check. I called them from my rarely used cell phone and, as usual, just as I was making the repair appointment, damn phone cut off. Thank goodness we switched to DSL cause I was able to schedule online. Of course they will be out between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM tomorrow-WTH is this? A freaking 11 hour time span. Anyway, I was also informed if it's not a problem with their lines, but something with mine, it's $91 just for them to come out. No, I didn't get the insurance they offered because in the past 22 years I have had a phone in my name, it has never been "my lines" causing the problem.

Gotta run-apparently we have a Barbie emergency and they all need to be strewn about my living room.


jess said...

mmm pigs feet? oh, that's not what you meant by a 'plate of foot' ? :)

7-18 is ridiculous! I hate the telcos.

jess said...

btw, glad the gyn wasn't as bad as you expected. he sounded like a total ass in the previous post. grr.

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