Friday, June 23, 2006

Foodie Friday - Baa! Baa!

Did I scare ya? Ew, I hate lamb and never tried mutton, but I had to share this with you and what better day than Foodie Friday? It technically counts as a recipe cause it involves food and some sort of preparation of it-

Last night, I took Elena to a veggie craft class and this is what we created:

Sheepie Family

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Large Black Pitted Olives
Dried Black Eyed Peas
Pretzel Sticks

Make head first. Using a paper towel, blot dry the olive. Keep the little "X" on bottom of the olive as the mouth and figure out where you want the eyes. The big pit hold is the back of the head. Take a toothpick and make small holes for placement of the eyes (black eyed peas). Put a dab of glue on the pea and gently press into eye socket. Let dry.

Cut the cauliflower into large florets. Turn floret upside down and gently insert pretzel sticks in between floret stems to make 4 legs. If the pretzel rods don't seem to work, use toothpicks and place olives on bottom for feet. Once the eyes are dry, place a toothpick in the top of the cauliflower and gently place the olive head on the toothpick. Using a small piece of the toothpick, insert it in the rear section of the cauliflower and place a small pieve of floret on that for the tail.

Be creative and have fun.


Kari said...

omg how baautifull

lmao couldnt resist what a fun thing to do!

noricum said...


Amanda said...

Ha! Awesome!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

how fucking cute!
now i hve ideas for my next party LOL

Karen said...

That is clever!

Kathy said...

Baa! That is so cute. I love me some sheepies....

Pink said...

That's the only way I'd eat sheep...sooo cute!

Melissa said...

What a neat idea! I love the creativity!!

Jewels said...

ok, those sheepies are adorable,...what a great cauliflower craft!!

Rebecca said...

that's just almost too cute to eat!

Tandi said...

Not baaaaaaad for veggie art!

Kimberly said...

I love the sheepies!! How cute! What a great idea (minus the glue of course) for appetizers at a party! Now to figure out what to use besides olives....ick!!!

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