Friday, June 02, 2006

Favorite Christmas Ornament

Sara, who is officially now off for the summer, seems to be itching to make some Christmas ornaments, but alas has a Jewish household and not a Chanukah bush in site. She asked readers to write about their favorite Christmas Ornament. Although it is June and hot and humid, I will dig into the recesses of my mind and pull an ornament out.

When I was growing up, my parents didn't decorate our trees with Christmas balls and garland, they had little toys and Santa's and snowmen, etc. I kept that tradition and buy a few ornaments every year (after Christmas of course) to add to our collection. We do have two Christmas balls on our tree, a Boston Red Sox baseball ornament and a Boston Red Sox Christmas Ball.

Sorry Sara, I don't have one fav. I have some really kitschy crocheted ice skates (red boot shaped skates with a paper clip in the bottom as a skating blade) that were on my grandmother's tree and now grace mine. I have a few crocheted snowflakes online friends have sent over the past few years, as well as crocheted stocking ornaments from online friends. My favorite Hallmark ornament is one I bought years ago, a mouse sitting in a sombrero with lights around the rim and it says "Feliz Navidad". I also have a few ornaments Elena has made the past two years that mean the world to me. Ooh, I forgot, every year I buy a photo holder ornament and put a picture of Elena in it from that year-you can see how much she's changed over the years.

So there-not one favorite, but a handful. Now that Elena is getting older, she has her favorites and when we unwrap the ornaments, she gets all excited to see her favs too. Like potato chips, I can't have just one.

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jess said...

Crocheted ice skates! That is so cool. :)

I have the ornaments that I made when I was a kid, and I love them. Clay ones I painted (poorly), little ones I stitched (poorly)... there is something about ornaments made by kids that I just love. When DH and I got hitched, all of his ornaments were the ones that he made with his grandmother as a kid -- so we have the very colorful, kid themed tree (quite different from sil/bil and mil, who have very 'classy' looking trees with garland and ceramic Russian figures that all match). :)

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