Friday, May 12, 2006

Will wonders ever cease?

This morning my daughter decided to wear the shrug/bolero thingy I made her to school~! I was shocked she wanted to wear it and asked. When we were at the bus stop, one of the older kids told Elena she liked it and then, the kicker, Elena announced "Thank you, my mommy made it just for me!". It did look darn cute on her.

Weird story, yesterday I stopped by my local library, which is really in the town next to mine. Most of the women know me because I go about once every two weeks and I order a lot of crochet pattern books, etc. Remember the fun-fur fug someone said I inspired? Anyway, I had to pick up a book I ordered on spinning. Now, I have talked to a few of the women there about wool dyeing, etc. However, the clerk working yesterday never engaged me in any fiber type conversations. She asked about the spinning and, of course, I started babbling about the electric spinner (which I still haven't been charged for), etc. She told me she wished she had known because about two months ago someone donated a loom with heddles, etc. and they didn't know what to do with it. Unfortunately, they tossed it yesterday AM (about 6 hours before I arrived). Damn, why did she have to tell me? She went on and on about how nice it was, but how they didn't know anyone who would be interested in it. She said "I wish I had known". I nicely said most of the women there knew I played around with yarn, etc., but she snarkily replied "Like they would say anything". She then went on and on about said loom. Finally (mostly because Mike was waiting in a running car outside) and I was trying not to be rude, I jokingly said "Please don't torture me anymore about something I can't have" and she went on and on. She said next time she would remember me (like there's gonna be a next time, how often does that happen????).


Faye said...

You did better than I would have. I would have tempted to smack her chop's for not shutting up.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

oh i am with faye .. i would have said shut the fuck up already ok ?

and WHY would some one throw something liek that out.. ridiculous

but good to know elana is proud of her moms work!

Mimi said...

Yay! How wonderful to have a lovely model to wear (and advertise) your pretty handmades! (I'm glad I had my younger sister, even if I didnt have a daughter...)

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