Saturday, May 20, 2006

Things that make me go UGH

You know when you're asleep in bed and you "think" you hear a noise cause you woke up, but then you're not sure? Well, last night I thought I heard a car hit something outside in front of the house. I woke up and Mike was snoring next to me, I checked Elena, she was fine. I looked outside, but it's dark out here and didn't see anything. I only heard the initial thump that woke me and wasn't sure if it was real or imagined.

Well, apparently it was real. A big old dead deer is on the edge of our side yard. I can see it from the kitchen door. I had to call the police to call the "Recovery Unit"-it may take til Monday to get someone out here to remove it-at least I am not so far in the boonies that I have to remove it myself.

Elena, being at the ripe old age of 6, is enthralled for some reason. First, when she heard us talking about it she said "ooh, brunch" (this is the kid who rarely eats any type of meat). Then she heard me on the phone with the police department and is shouting to me "didja mention it was dead, huh, didja???". She wants to see what it looks like, which I am completely and utterly grossed out by the thought.

Ugh....what an icky wake up for my Saturday morning.


xxheatherxx said...

There is no way that child could be any funnier... brunch... lol

We live on a busy highway, so we are always removing remains off the road. I dont want to look at a wilting/bloating dead anything out my front window.

On the other hand, I have a dog who rather enjoys traveling the road at night and dragging home his "finds". ACK!

I hope they get that sucker outta there, before it gets hot... ew!

Kel said...

I also have to say how funny Elena is...she made my DH chuckle this morning as he read this post over my shoulder.
I hope it is removed quickly so you don't have to see a carcass in your yard.

Kathy said...

Hopefully the coming cold front will take care of the carcass before the vultures get whiff of it.

Lucy said...

That really was cute what Elena said. But ugh....what a thing to find in your yard let alone if it stays till Monday.

Priscilla said...

My 10 year old daughter would be drooling and getting a knife and fork, she loves deer meat.

Mimi said...

I think most of us women have that kind of ESP, that wakes us up even in the middle of the night.
I also would want to go see what it looks like and curious to know what happened ;)

Jewels said...

oh yuck. Roadkill makes me sad all day when I see it :( I saw a deer on the side of the road this morning...guess how sh.tty I felt all day.

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