Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Things are quiet everywhere

Recently, on DoD, someone commented how quiet all the boards seem to be lately and they have been, as have the blog posts. This seems to be the crazy time of year when we can finally get outside, get stuff done, kids are gearing up (or are already) out of school and all the craziness begins. It has here with me and it's great-I look forward to the hecticness of it all because I am so glad the winter is over.

I haven't posted daily lately either because I haven't done anything worth posting about, seriously. I am testing a kid's pattern for someone, that I converted into a tank top for Elena and that'll be done tomorrow. I did write up a skull cap pattern for summer wearing, I'll post that in a separate blog entry to eliminate linking problems. I am starting another test pattern for Amy-who writes terrific patterns that really don't need testing-seriously. I finished three chemo caps and plan to do another by (hopefully) Friday cause I have to go into the school, so I can put them in her son's backpack myself. I am feeling so much better now and am beyond thrilled health-wise that I want to "do" things now and am enjoying barbecues, hanging out with people again, etc. Nice change from the past Fall and Winter. Surprisingly, the chiropractor has helped tremendously.

I forgot to mention, the barbecue we had on Monday, one of Mike's friends came over with his wife. I had met her before, briefly, and liked her. Well, come to find out she knits and crochets. She's gonna teach me to knit and she was so excited by my electric spinner, I as thrilled. So see, sometimes being anti-social is really a bad thing. Unfortunately, she just knits small projects and hasn't learned the joys of true yarn snobbery and hoarding. She hoards yarn, but it's acrylic and I have so much to teach her. I'm sure her husband will kill me, but it has to be done! She was going through my crochet hooks Monday and saw the variety I have: Jimbo's, Brittany's, bamboos and a TOTC and her husband Vin mentioned he just bought a lathe and wanted to try to make one-I was so excited I thought I would pee myself, really.

Anyway, I want to start Amy's project cause I promised I would get down to it and finish up the tank top for Elena. I also have some mesh tanks I want to make for little freaking time.


Jaye said...

LOL! I wouldn't know if it's been quite anywhere as I've not been anywhere but here, at home ;)

I am so, so glad you're feeling so much better, Deneen! \O/

Jessica said...

I know that I've been taking a step back from online stuff lately, partly because of neccessity and partly because of choice. There's so much more I can get done when I'm not online just *reading* about getting stuff done. I'd rather just do it.

Glad to hear that you're feeling well enough to accomplish things!

Kathy said...

I have that problem, I READ about all the great projects I want to do online, but I don't ever have time to DO them. Maybe if I gave up this online addiction?

And seriously, it's great you have a chance to teach someone the joys of yarn snobbery. I still want to get my hands on more wool too.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

A lathe--now there's a potential father's day present--forget the money-clip he's been jonesing for--let's make some crochet hooks!!

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