Sunday, May 07, 2006

RAOK Goodies!

Yesterday, after spending too long a day socializing (Community Day was a drag, but then we stopped by a friends house and ending up spending a couple hours there and then other friends stopped by and dragged us to their house to see their new fish pond they put in) which ended up being a long day for me. I don't mind socializing some, but I am not a butterfly and by the time we got home I was talked out-rare for me indeed.

However, on the porch was a huge Priority mail box for me! Now, I knew I hadn't ordered anything, so I was pretty excited and when I opened it, I was beyond thrilled:

(I should have done a comparison of the size of each ball of roving-they are humungous)

Roving, peeps-about 2 1/2 lbs of it! One batch was a beautiful blue color with hues of pinks and purples and the rest all natural-ready for dyeing! Faye sent it to me and I really can't thank her enough. She's a pal from Peacecraft.

What made it even better is that, I realized yesterday I could order my Babe Double Treadle. It's the top one, but the double treadle. I may order it later this week. I am so psyched!


ThreeOliveMartini said...

wow tha tis a lot of sheep hair !

Jewels said...

wowza - good for you,'ll soon be a spinning queen!! Awesome news for you.

Lucy said...

Now that treadle could make a nice birthday present this year for my 50th...what do ya think?

Sara said...

it is just too cool that you spin.

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