Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More FO's

I found a button to use for the Berroco Ft. Lauderdale belt, so I sewed it on. The belt is okay. I made the belt a few rows thinner and need the bigger button. While I was fooling around with the Lion Suede, I made up my own belt which is also posted. It's an easy pattern and I will try to write it up later today (if anyone cares, which I doubt, but anyway...).

The one I winged is on the top and the Berroco one is on the bottom.

The Author's Tea at Elena's school was terrific. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. What a shitty mom I am for that. Anyway, they had a beautiful handpainted backdrop and a podium complete with Madonna-ish ear piece microphone. Elena did great and I was so proud of her. She was so excited about the whole thing, as were all the kids. Afterwards we had tea, cookies and cake and then the kids presented us with a rose affixed to a spoon that had a Red Rose tea bag on it covered in tulle. It was so nice seeing them all dressed up. I did talk to her teacher privately about not going to the zoo, but somehow ended up going-I don't know how this shit happens. As a room mother, I get to ride the bus (an hour ride), but I may just drive myself cause I can't take riding a school bus that long, especially with a bunch of kindergarteners. However, Elena is now begging me to ride the bus with her. Ack-I will see.

Today I am working on another shrug, may start a top for Elena and have to work a bit on Lucinda-high aspirations so early in the AM.

I want to try to dye some wool sometime in the next few weeks (before school is out). I have those Jacquard dyes screaming to me. I also want to try the self-striping dyeing and do not want Elena around for that-she means well, but.....

Doppler went fine, I guess. It was a weird test-BP cuffs in 4 positions on each leg and some little thing on your big toe. Test took about an hour and seemed fine except for no pulse detected in my left foot (I'm still here, so how bad can that be?) and apparently my BP is low again. Now, if they put me on BP meds for my blood circulation and my BP is already low, what the hell with that do? I doubt I will go on BP meds.

Beth, due to a conflict, the Zuppa Toscana is being made for tomorrow night's dinner and I may take pictures if I am feeling dorky enough, which with me is always a possibility.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

cant wait to see how the soup goes.. those belts are cute !

Jewels said...

I like the belts..sounds like a great project for these teen nieces of mine!!

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