Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Morning

Ick, woke up feeling hungover, although I didn't have a drop of alcohol.

The weather has been crazy-cool (like Spring should be, but we haven't had for so long), but it's windy as hell here the past two days. You can see the pollen flying through the air-which is the reason for the hungover feeling, IMO.

My Electric Spinner came missing a bolt, nut and some washers. Also some drill holes were missing, although I am told it's the new model and how they do it now. I didn't get to a hardware store til yesterday for the necessary parts, so I'll play tomorrow AM with it and see how it goes. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning who received a present that needed batteries, but Santa forgot the batteries. BTW, the Woolery was absolutely no help at all, never called me or returned emails. I contacted Nels, the inventor of Babe wheels.

My new craft venture is gonna be polymer clay. Don't know why, just decided. I even used a 50% off coupon to get the pasta maker/clay thingy the other day at AC Moore (only $10 with coupon).

I didn't hook over the weekend at all. I went to a few yard (originally typed the word "yarn") sales with a friend Saturday AM/afternoon, slept for two hours Saturday afternoon and went to bed at around 10:00 Saturday night. The med withdrawal and fibro are literally kicking my ass and I feel the need to sleep, lounge and bitch almost constantly (surprised aren't you).

Yesterday, we hit the produce stands, Lowe's (bought new kitchen and bathroom faucets) and for some reason, am thrilled to have bought the faucets. Home ownership-gotta love it. The deer is still lying out on the side yard and has it's share if icky ass baby flies. At least it's been cool and windy-hopefully recovery will be here today to scoop him/her up.

Today is pet day in Elena's class and I forgot I was going to get a small pet for her to bring in. She reminded me at 7:30 this AM. I told her only one kid was bringing a pet in, her mother is bringing their dog in at 11:00, so not to worry. She got all smarty pants with me, so I told her to drag the deer in. She thought I was serious and started freaking out about "bringing a dead deer in for a pet-how would she possibly get it on the bus?". Kids are so gullible sometimes, I love that part. Unfortunately, I tease Elena all the time and sometimes she actually screams at me "I am tired of the joking!". Gah-get over it girl, it's only gonna get worse.

I have my first chiropractic appointment this AM and am hoping it helps with pain management sans pills.

Gotta run, laundry is beckoning...............


Andrea said...

You got me at the "dragging the dear" part. Literally LOL! I swear I raise warped kids with all the BSing I do with them. But hey, you have to have some fun with them! Kind of makes up for labour...kind of. Good luck with your DIY spinner.

Kathy said...

Sounds like something I would have told my kids.

Give the chiro time to work, it's not a one time, bam you're feeling better thing. Just stick with your treatment plan and you'll see the results.

Joy said...

Aw poo that sucks about the spinner! Me, I'd be on a rampage. Want me to rampage on your behalf? I'm good at it!

Sarah said...

Bringing a dead deer on the school bus, I love it! Glad you survived the zoo.

Lucy said...

The dead deer thing was go MOM!

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