Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Blahs

First off, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We took Elena to the 4-H Spring Fling which consisted of trains set up, craft tables to create at with painting, beadwork, etc. She loved it and had a blast-which is all that counts right??? Sunday, was okay-yes, it was Mother's Day, but we didn't do much. I planned to sleep in, but Saturday night, Elena begged to have a "sleep over" with me and I agreed and she talked in her sleep all night, which kept me up. Finally, I just got up and went downstairs and she had the sleep in. Mike made breakfast for my mother and me (lump crabmeat hash, poached eggs and muffins). I also went to AC Moore, but again, didn't find any yarn that thrilled me, I did, however, buy some Fimo clay for myself and Floam for Elena. The Floam is nasty, but she loves it. We transplanted our rhodo's from the pots they have been in since last year (yea, I know) to in front of the garage finally. We had dinner and watched the Survivor Finale (Elena HAD to stay up to watch it since she is hooked. She also wrote letters to Aras, Danielle and Terry, which she wants me to mail out). She didn't get to bed last night til 11:00 PM and I went up about 1/2 hour later. Then the thunderstorms started-never a peaceful night. Around 3:00 AM I heard a loud thump and woke up. Yup, Elena fell out of her bed. Her bed is high too, trundle bed and she uses steps to get in it. Mike ran in to check on her and she was already back in bed and embarrassed and blew off questions. She didn't remember this AM.

The topper of my weekend was Aunty Flo coming about 5 days early, first thing Mother's Day AM. I am so messed up since the surgery-seriously. My skin is awful, hormones raging, ick. I guess it's better then getting it Friday (when it was due) on the school trip to the zoo.

I finished my Econo-Shopper (pics later) done in the same plum AL Denim Colorway. I made a small one and may make a big one this week using Desert Sunset cotton. I also started a baby sweater from Crochet World magazine and was happily hooking along but then realized the neck was wrong. I read and reread the pattern and think they wrote it wrong, so I frogged and am redoing it my way and I'll see what happens.

Anyone use polymer clay for making beads? Any tips or suggestions?

Well, I am off to do laundry, vacuum and do a quick clean up before getting back to the sweater.


jess said...

what a busy day! :) Happy Mother's Day! :)

I'll be watching to see what other people say about the polymer clay beads!

ladylinoleum said...

Aunt Flo is always an unwelcome guest...LOL. Hope you feel better.

Go to for lots of polymer clay tips and tricks.

noricum said...

I must admit I'm curious who won... but not enough to manage time to see the finale last night. ;) Perhaps I'll check the survivor website when I'm back home. (I have *very* little time here.)

Megan said...

Glad Elena wasn't hurt! My younger bro fell out of his top bunk when he was about 8...cracked 3 ribs and kept on snoring!!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Can't wait to see your projects--they sound great! A belated happy mothers day...


halfjackd said...

Sorry to hear Mother's Day wasn't as charming as it should've been. Aunt Flo can be such a bitch.

The only tip I've got about making beads is if you can find some fine knitting needles at a yard sale (I'd say size 1 or anything smaller) use them to make your holes and to prop them up when you bake them. That way you won't get a flat-ish side.

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