Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hump Day

Yup, it's Hump Day, although not much is going on. Crappy weather, seriously-chilly and cloudy. We desperately need rain here, but I don't want it. Supposed to rain from tomorrow through the weekend, I hate rainy weekends.

I'm working on a few small secret projects, dorky ones if you will, but for a good cause.

Elena had "silly hat" day today and I have to say, I am a SAHM and write the stuff down on the calendar when she has to bring something in, which is almost daily lately. I feel badly for the mom's who have more than one child and/or work-keeping track is a pain in the tush and if I forgot, Elena would never forgive me! Tomorrow is ice cream topping day, I have that. The next bring in day isn't til next week.

I have PMS-serious PMS. Since my surgery, my cycle is all messed up and Aunty Flo isn't due til next Friday (yes, the day of the school trip-which happened two years ago too) yet I feel like it's coming sooner. Lately the PMS lasts two weeks, so I really only get one full week of being left alone per month. Plus, I have a zit on my cheek that is bugging the crap out of me. I will never outgrow this will I? The added bonus is that Elena points it out to me, as she does every flaw, whenever she gets a chance. Darn kids.

I am getting the Electric Spinner-for sure. I will order it Friday. The Babe NW (or is it SW). In any event, I can't wait. Now I also want to get the Babe Little Spider (Liten Spindle), which is a small wheel you draft with one hand and turn the wheel with the other. It's super reasonable, doesn't take up much room and is designed for finer yarns. First I'll play with the electric one and see how that goes. I also have been looking at Charkha's, but am still debating.

Rheumy appointment tomorrow-hoping now that the surgery is behind me, she can figure out what the hell is wrong with me. Trader Joe's is near there, so I am looking forward to going.

Well, this has been a rambling post, can't ya tell I have nothing going on???


Kelly said...

I like the way your blog looks now. Really cute!

Hey if you can't just talk outloud in these blogs, whats the point?

Sending good thoughts your way~

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i am so with you on hte multiple kids and multiple activity thing.. i dont see how some working moms do it either..

i am excited for you to get your wheel .. i cant wait to see what you come up wiht .. i am sure it will be fab.. another reason to be h appy to be going home home ..

Jaye said...

Good luck at the doctor tomorrow, I hope you get some answers! We're sorta living parallel lives in that respect it seems as I'm hitting my docs office tomorrow as well to find out what's going on with me and then stopping off at TJs on the way home, too. However, if my darling child, being a teen, ever pointed out any skin flaws of mine he'd be getting it right back so he doesn't dare, lol!

Again, best of luck to you tomorrow :)

Deneen said...

Good luck to you too Jaye-I hope you find some answers to your medical questions.

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