Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I could not wake up this morning. Elena and Mike were both hounding me to "get up!", but my head wouldn't listen. I feel like crapola and want to go back to bed, but that never works out. I get myself into a nasty cycle of going to bed late, etc.

I thought is did the sleeves wrong on Elena's shrug and frogged them only to realize they were all right-I have been second guessing everything I do lately and don't like the feeling. I ended up redoing them the original way, of course.

I fixed the comment part of the blog, but for the life of me, can't get the Blogs I Read section to scroll up. I used the same template HTML and all-can't figure it out. Oh well, it'll have to be hanging out for all to see.

I have to finish Hailey's shrug and then I will work on Lucinda a bit today. May do a smaller version-don't know yet. I want to work on the peasant top for Elena, but motivation is lacking lately. I did order some cotton for Elena's sundress I want to make. I also want to make her a bolero, have the teacher poncho to make and planned to make a few shawls for end of year gifts at school. The problem is Elena has a main teacher and main aide, but also has another aide who helps in the afternoon, as well as a Spanish Teacher and Computer teacher. There's a gym teacher as well, but he would look like shit in a shawl. Too many teachers and I feel guilty if I don't do something for all of them, but feel worse if I don't do anything for the main teacher and aide. I don't have time for this either. I think I will do the main teacher and main aide. Christmas ended up being scarves for all. Shit, I forgot about the DoD CAL too.....just add it on and nothing will get done.

Debating about that nap, but I want to get lab work done and start prepping for the Zuppa Toscana for tonight. I have some eBay shit to go through too. I should clean something. This has rambled on endlessly hasn't it?


Kari said...

When you get a chance email me your template and I will look at the switch menu codes and see if somehting is up, well obviously there is but I will find it lol.]

Otherwise it looks great.

Second guessing oneself is a dangerous habit to get into, and it's very hard to get out of that habit.

Maybe we need to have a Git 'er Done CAL lol to finish up all our UFO's. hmmm... now I am thinking.... oh god will it ever end?
Maybe not a CAL but just a vow.. lol

ThreeOliveMartini said...

hahahah Kari..

and yeah Deneen .. that second guessing thing.. you gotta stop.. you are talented and smart .. quitit!!

much love to you today .. seems like you need a little extra

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