Friday, May 19, 2006

The Circle of Life

The zoo trip was fun today, but I think I'm more tired than Elena is. The weather cleared and was perfect and it started to rain just as they were leaving.

Elena wasn't as interested in the zoo as much as she was their playground. We spent an hour in the zoo, had lunch in one of the pavilions and then she played for two hours in the playground. I did make sure she went to the African Savannah-we saw giraffes, zebras, an ostrich and a moose (not sure why he was there). There were some Wallaby's that were new. A couple leopards, tigers and a lion. The highlight was a duck flew into the lion area and was promptly eaten. I was grossed out, but apparently the kids loved it. I also made sure we hit the reptile area before we left. I explained to Elena the duck wasn't supposed to be in with the lion, just made the mistake of flying into the wrong area-she wasn't meant to be a snack for him, but was. I started about the Circle of Life and decided it was too much for her to handle. She got home and set up her little Pony's for an impromptu funeral for said duck. She's on a funeral kick. She's only been to one, my uncle Henry's, but didn't actually go to the funeral, but sat in a room that had a TV, toys, etc. She knew it was for Uncle Henry, but kept telling the funeral director what a nice hotel he had there. I would have preferred to leave her home, but since everyone who watches her was at the funeral, that couldn't be helped.

Mike is home from his business trip and off to the Phillies vs Red Sox game tonight. I finally finished the baby sweater and like how it came out. I'll post pics soon-didn't take them yet, but did pick up the buttons for it today. Working on the second Econo-Shopper bag now. Don't know what I'll do next, although Berocco had a cute pattern for a tank top, Beth that I think I can easily make a smidge bigger and longer. I'll have to use some TLC Cotton Plus I bought from eBay a few weeks ago. The color was Salsa and it's more rust colored than red (which is what I thought it was), but six skeins was $15 with shipping, so I can't complain. The Peasant top I made Elena from TLC Cotton Plus washed so nicely, I am impressed. I'll see how the solid colors wash now.

I am whooped and ready for bed and it's only 9:00 PM-so I think I shall crochet for a few minutes and head up. I'm sure I'll wake up when Mike gets home, so not expecting a solid sleep, but just want to unwind a bit. A day with a two busloads of kindergartner's, some moms an my mom has me a bit high strung.


Kathy said...

Glad you survived the zoo, just tell Elena that's what happens when you go where your mommy tells you not to.

Btw, Tim's feel LOVE the shea buttah, and so do my hands.

jess said...

whew! glad you survived the zoo!

I love cotton plus too; it goes through the washer + dryer and comes out exactly as I put it in! plus it's soft and not too thick. and it's not exorbiantly priced!

Jewels said...

I liked that tank pattern when I saw it too.
Wow on the duck flying into the lion zoo - talk about real life.

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