Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blogging Boredom

I am bored, don't know why. I have a ton of things I could be doing, ah well.

I had to drive Elena to school today. They are having a countdown the days of the school year thingy and today is "G" day-bring a game in from home. Elena had her heart set on tabletop air hockey. Yeah, I could of said no, but I chose to pick my battles and said yes before I realized she couldn't get it in herself. No biggie, I dropped it off this AM and will pick it up next week (or maybe I may forget the damn thing there).

When I went into the school this morning, I was asked immediately if I was taking the school bus to the zoo trip next Friday. I hate the bus. It's hot, full of excited kindergartener's and noisy. I opted out. I will drive the hour drive in my own car. Now, how to break it to Elena........ (I don't even want to go on the trip, I did Storybook Land last year-but that was close. I did the zoo in her preschool and rode the bus, lesson learned). Elena tends to act up a bit when I am there and get a little whiny-she's not like that at home, only in a situation where I am there with her class and teachers. I really don't like to deal with it.

I have been reading other blogs about computer problems-I think it's in the air. My high speed internet provider has been crashing constantly since last Friday. I called them over the weekend and they did some analysis over the phone and said there was "noise in my line", so they are coming out today to check the line and perhaps install an amplifier. I'll tell you, the computer room is slowly getting cleaned up because of repair people. First the leak in the bathroom and they had to cut a hole in the ceiling in her, so I quick cleaned up the floor area for the plumber. Now Comcast is coming out, so I had to remove all items from around the computer desk. I don't know why I just don't clean it up for the sake of cleaning it up, but damn it looks better. Mike even stopped nagging me about it. (update) They came out and apparently the funky ass connector Mike used, cause we had it, was causing the problem. We needed some little connector thing (which we didn't have) to make the noise level in the line go down. In any event, it's fixed and the computer area is cleaned up-double bonus.

I'm ordering the Electric spinner (Babe SW) in the next few days. I can't believe I saved for the wheel and then when I had the money, opted for the cheaper thing I could have had months ago. Oh well, at least it's well thought out.

Oh yeah, I forgot, my messiness has been rewarded! There was an article in The Washington Post stating people whose houses were too clean, set their children up for getting asthma and allergies. Apparently their immune systems weren't able to build up from all the cleanliness. I will blame my auto-immune problems from growing up in a home that you could eat off the floors if you had too-LOL. Now this is what I wanna hear, a reason not to clean! Elena overheard me telling Mike last night and she agreed wholeheartedly. Now to email that to my mom..............

Blogger has been down all morning (doing this on notepad, as not to lose my freaking post).


halfjackd said...

Repairs galore! I'm glad you got it fixed though...I'm lost without internet access lol.

Oh, and the clean house thing? Whoohoo! See, I've been ahead of the times!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

hehe deneen i will be posting yarn on ebay later today if you just feel a need to spend some extra money LOL

ladylinoleum said...

Ooooh, just saw Beth's comment. I may need to buy some yarn too.

Yeah, what's up with blogger? I guess being free, we can't complain too much.

Can you send me the link to the electric spinner you're buying? I'm curious.

Kari said...

GAH Elizabeth shut up already about the yarn grrr...
YAY on your repairs and clean, yay on not having to clean for your kids sake lol

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