Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to School, Back to Work

Ah, a long weekend and it was spent just cleaning up and running around, but all was not lost.

Things I accomplished:

House is actually cleaned up and looks presentable.

Pool cover off and not nearly as bad as I thought-I'll hook up the pump, etc. tomorrow, chemicals won't be in til Friday (I hope Friday and not Monday), vac it and it'll be ready. Okay, I have to get the stairs in the pool, which is a 2 hour fiasco because I need to drag the weights down onto the steps, but still, the water was clear!

Clothes for summer bought for Elena-not an easy feat, lemme tell ya. I went to four stores and only came up with a handful of summer clothes-they'll have to do.

New cotton skully cap pattern written and tested-more on that tomorrow.

I did manage to pick up the new Crochet! magazine and one skein on Patons Grace marked down to $0.97 (perfect for the chemo cap baseball cap liner).

Barbecue yesterday went well, even in the heat.

Things I have to do today:

Laundry-tons of it as I bought Elena the new clothes and did none over the long weekend.

Finish crocheted top for Elena and start testing sweater for someone.

Sweep kitchen again.

Take a nap-seriously!

It's supposed to hit 93 here today with heat index of 105-yuk

I should have the pattern up tomorrow, maybe even the belt one if I am feeling inspired.


Kathy said...

Agree with you on the heat, this is actually hotter than my place in North Carolina today! Mom has a theory on global warming. All the data flying around in cyberspace bumping into one another has caused it!

Jaye said...

The heat and humidity have been awful here, too, bleh!

We ended up pulling off our pool cover last week and discovered that the water in the pool wasn't too bad either, but there is only about 6 inches of water in there - ACK! Now we either have to find and repair the leak or decide if we want to take it down. :(

We won't even talk about summer clothes. Bah! I'm such a crab!

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