Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Sure Fire Way to Feel Old

Damn that American Idol-there, I said it. I am watching it Tuesday night and happy they chose Queen theme. They go through Queen's history and different songs and I realize, I freaking remember when the damn songs came out! Then they mention 30 years ago-like a punch in the gut. It didn't help to have Kelly babbling about "I never heard really any of their songs"-I am so old! I knew all the words to most of the songs (Katharine McPhee's-never heard), which also scared me. My fav song of theirs "Fat Bottom Girls", of course-although Bucky was kinda sucky.

Also, to make things worse, yesterday Elena and I were driving to the library and I had the radio on in the car. Now, my husband will listen to Jazz (which Elena loves) most times, but I have to scan constantly. Elena is screaming at me to stay on one song, etc. Anyway, it stops on a Cher song and Elena pipes up, "Oh, I like this girl singing, can I listen to it?". Another grim reality, I was probably her age when Cher (with Sonny) first came on the "scene" and damn I loved them! I then made the mistake of confessing I had one of Cher's "best of" cd's at home (hanging head in shame for this one) and Elena is so excited, she is practically bouncing out of her child seat-hmmmmmm. Then Steve Miller Band came on and I am singing away and Elena looks at me kinda disgusted and tells me "this is a terrible song, the man is a smoker!"-so there you have it folks-Cher rules and all my classic rock (consider oldies now I guess, drools).

Damn do I feel old!

Tomorrow, a new thingy starts-Foodie Friday! I have a vegetarian recipe for tomorrow my vegetarian (Sara, Cordi and Jessica) and non-vegetarian (the rest of you) friends will like (I hope)-so stay tuned!


Hunny said...

I can't believe you never heard Queen's who wants to live forever!! Its one of their greatest songs!! Now you are making me feel old!!

Amanda said...

HA!!! You rhymed sucky with Bucky!

Don't feel bad, I went through a phase where I thought "oldies" sucked ass. Now, that's mostly what I listen to because music is dead today.

HA!! again, at what Elena said..."this is a terrible song, the man is a smoker!"

..some people call me the space cowboy...yea-ah...

Wendy said...

Yah, he was a smoker and a toker!

I love Steve Miller and I love Queen, I listened to classic rock all through high school.

stacey said...

Hee! Good thing she didn't know what "toker" meant!

At the store we usually keep the oldies station on. I'd rather classic rock but the classic rock station doesn't come in all that well. Anyway, yesterday they played Free Bird. Free Bird, for chrissakes. I refuse to classify that as "oldies" in my brain. It pains me to think about it.

Kathy said...

I remember when Wayne's World came out, my son couldn't believe I had 'already' learned all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody. I just let the kids think mommy was super smart, lol.

Lucy said...

Wait a minute....I remember when the Beatles were first on the Ed Sullivan show....and if any of you say "who's Ed Sullivan"....well, let's just say....I hope you all feel young now!

Jewels said...

ooooh, share the vegetarian recipe...I'm a veget too.

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