Thursday, April 06, 2006

Staple removal day~

I am so happy, the staples come out today at 1:00. Of course I am nervous because lots of healing has gone on around those things and I am afraid it'll hurt. You would think that the more that is done to you, the more complacent you become, but not me, I become more and more chicken with each passing day.

I dreamt last night they were removed and how great it felt and scratched one of the incisions. Well of course, the staples were still there and I hurt myself in the process.

Elena's temp was down to 99.8 this AM and she begged to go to school cause it's "grandparents Day". My mom goes to her school at 11:30 and sits in her class for 1/2 hour and then they go have lunch together in the cafeteria. I think I'll sign her out after that, I want her rested some more. She has her "Spring Celebration" party tomorrow and I did get the Peeps dipped yesterday.

Mike came home early yesterday (not real early, like 4:00 PM) and said he's feeling much better, etc. Neither of them are eating much though-I'm not worried about Mike, but Elena I am.

While blogrolling, I found "For The Love of Yarn" mentioned on Pam's blog and popped in. Looks promising and I will peruse it later today.

I actually hooked last night and yes, Amy I finally finished the vest part of the test pattern. I am pinning up the sides for sewing today, will wind the yarn into three balls for the belt tonight, so by tomorrow, I may have a FO. Of course I can't post the pic til Amy tells me it's okay-part of the testing agreement. I also started this when I weighed 20 some pounds less, so it's too big for me, but my mom may like it. She's smaller than me, but has big hoots, perfect for this piece.
All for now, perhaps more later.

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Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Good luck with the procedure today, Deneen! I'll be thinking of you.

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