Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Plethora of Pictures

Well, it's only three, but I wanted to use the word plethora.

First off, thanks to Cordi for this utterly cool RAOK:
2 skeins of Sinfonia
Some Herbal Tea
Fantastic lip balm, Patchouli spray and soap

I plan to make Elena the bathing suit cover up from Interweave Knits-Crochet "Special Issue" and use the leftover to work on the tapestry bag in the same issue.

Next up, thank you Jessica for going to Hobby Lobby and picking up the items I was fixated on getting. Three skeins of Sinfonia in deep pink and two spool of the La Espiga No 18 in a variegated green/blue. She said she knew the colors I would prefer and she was right. Thanks for going to Hobby Lobby and shipping it out to me-I do appreciate it. Now I can start the nylon thread bag in SnB HH book, as well as perhaps another Sweet Pea Shawl.

Thank you to Wendy for having faith in a few of my "designs" and pushing me to submit them. I think I will-maybe.

Lastly, I cannot wait for Spring Break to be over with. I really, really needed a full week to myself to get stuff in order around here and having a bored six year old tailing behind doesn't make it happen. I don't know why she is bored, used to going to school and a schedule. My kid is truly anal retentive. Anyway, we hit the playground twice this week, but yesterdays trip sucked. Apparently, the eighth graders were bored too and decided to take over the kids playground. Needless to say, as an adult, we cannot say anything to said 14 year olds, but they literally had all the parents grab their kids and leave. Now, I remember, and I'm not that old, when I was 14 and damn if I would want to hang around a kids playground-let alone act like a complete ass in front of adults. Things have changed (now I do sound like my mother-you can shoot me now).

I will leave you with a picture of my ham:

Now stop reading this, click this link and go buy some of my buttah!


Megan said...

Oh, that Sinfonia looks scrumptious!

Jewels said... the plethora!! That yarn does indeed look delicious..I saw Bernat has a new cotton out called crazy crochet or something like that, but haven't seen it in person. I'm going to try making the sweetpea shawl soon too.

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