Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mail Pretties

I ordered this roving off of Kimberly last week in preparation for my Babe wheel (no, still didn't order it yet, wishful thinking) and isn;t it gorgeous! So soft too! She also included some handmade stitch markers her children made as a thank you! She has an etsy shop with hand spun yarn, as well as roving-Wovenspun

I went for my Doppler ultrasound, but had to reschedule it. Apparently, in the two weeks since I have been out of the hospital, they changed the registering procedure. I waited 45 minutes to register for the test, ended up getting to the ultrasound area 15 minutes late, they weren't ready for me, had to wait another 20 minutes. I told them before I made the appointment I had to be out of there by 3:15 to pick up Elena from the bus-no problem I was told. Well, problem. Apparently the test takes an hour and I had to reschedule for May 1-which meant going back to registration and getting all the original paperwork to redo it again May 1-I loathe hospitals!


Megan said...

That roving is gorgeous!!

Jewels said...

What Megan said - the roving looks good enough to eat!!

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