Thursday, April 27, 2006

Foodie Friday Cookbook Review

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First off I want to state, I am not a cookbook junkie. I have a few cookbooks I use for basic instructions and ideas and that's it. One of them is "How To Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food" I am not a Better Homes and Garden or Better Crocker Cookbook fan because when I first started cooking, I used some of those recipes and was not impressed.

The cookbook I feel so compelled to write about is "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook", Beth Hensperger.. I had been looking for a slow cooker/crock pot recipe book that didn't include canned soup (sorry for all you lovers of adding cream of (insert here) to a recipe, I just can't do it). I have a small family and don't prefer to use the shortcuts and add extra sodium, etc. I also have the luxury of being home all day, so I have the time to start from scratch. I am my no means dissing those who like to cook this way, it's just not my preference. I also didn't want 400 variations of roasts, etc.

With the hot weather breathing down my neck, I knew the crockpot had to start being used. I have a big oval one and want a smaller round one. My oval one gets too hot on low and I generally have to cook the item for less time or on warm. I think something is wrong with it and plan to get a new one, but for now, I tweak.

Anyway, when I saw this cookbook and looked through it I knew I had to buy it. First off 350 recipes-most of which I would try. Oatmeal, Fresh Tomato Sauce, Ribs, Bread, Desserts-it's all there. I did try a few of the recipes and they came out fabu! It is so rare that I find a cookbook I am going to really use, but this is it. There are vegetarian recipes in here too.

Now, some of the recipes (like the seafood ones for example) are the type you add the seafood at the end, so you can't just toss it all in and let it go and come home and voila-dinner and some involve some prep ahead of time, but you can do that the night before and just toss it in in the morning and go.

If in doubt, go to your library and order it through them and if they don't have it in their records, order it through ILL (interlibrary loan-they can get it for you).

I highly recommend taking a looksee-really.


Marvie said...

This sounds like a book I'd like to have. I have been getting away from processed crap lately and I'm often frustrated by so many recipes that call for stuff I won't use anymore. Thanks!

jess said...

that sounds like a good book! I don't use our crock as much as I'd like to (maybe 6 times a year, heh). I'll have to take a look at that one.

I love Bittman's How to Cook Everything. My MiL just bought DH another cookbook by Bittman for his birthday -- The Best Recipes in the World -- which is recipes from all over the world, fairly authentic. I've already made two from it and they both turned out well.

<- cookbook junkie. :)

Faith said...

I'm going to have to hunt that one down! I AM a cookbook junkie, but I love finding ones that I will actually use. That one looks really interesting!

DixieRedHead said...

i should track down that book as well.

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