Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dyeing Fun

This morning, on a whim, I decided to dye some wool I bought off of eBay. The wool is kinda bulky, brand is Lady Myra (vintage) and I did write to several of the online yarn experts, nope they never heard of it. In any event, I have my fishing line counter, so I will probably have to figure out the yardage that way (no yardage on label, just 4 ounces).

I used the Flavor-Aid Joy sent me a while ago. For one batch I mixed Berry Punch, Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch for a pretty colorful batch-pics later, promise.

The other batch I decided to go for muted colors and learned a lesson. I used Rootbeer, Tamarind, Apple and Pineapple. Now, apple is not green, but brown-first lesson learned. Rootbeer, Tamarind and Apple are the exact same colors-second lesson learned. Rootbeer smells very good, as does the pineapple-the other two don't really smell like anything. In any event, I ended up with some very "old school" colors for that batch.

Both batches are cooling and I'll snap pics later.

Today is fingerprint day-woo!hoo! They have so many freaking rules to the paperwork and you can't call and speak to a real person at any time. Of course, I was double charged the $78 for the actual printing and cannot get a hold of anyone. If you are 5 minutes late, you are turned away and have to repay, etc. They have a monopoly for the State of NJ and fingerprinting, so of course I am nervous I will screw it up-

To further add to the tension, I decided to stop at Target and Dollar Tree on the way there-this way I can cut the time to the wire and freak myself out more.

Pics of the yarn later, promise. Tomorrow I plan to clean out the cedar chest for my yarn-I am so lazy!


Andrea J (crochetdiva) said...

Deneen, you crack me up! I love reading your blog!
Now with all the CSI episodes I have seen, I don't think I have ever encountered one damaged are unique.
I think we have cedar chips at Canadian that won't help you will it! Good luck with your search.


Joy said...

Sweet! I can't wait to see pics!

Now I'm all freaked out about fingerprints and wondering what mine would be like! ;)

Jewels said...

I still haven't had the kahunas to try dying some yarn yet, good for you. Looks like you have a whole lot of energy back and are enjoying your things again! Yay for you girl.

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