Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cleaning Up

Last night I bought some Eucalan Lavender wash off of an online seller so I would have something that smells good and possibly repel moths from my dyed wool. I have never had any moth problems, although I noticed one of Mike's merino sweaters had some holes in it this year. The problem is that it was stored in a cardboard box, in an unused hamper, etc., so I don't know when and where the damage happened. Then I got an email from Wendy about different things and wool and she mentioned about someone finding larvae in their wool, etc. Now, I have a bunch of wool in this house. First off, I have some roving, which I planned to bag up and toss in the freezer outside anyway. I also have hanks, cakes, cones and skeins of wool in a ginormous plastic zipper tote bag-I guess I should figure out what to do. I do have an old cedar chest that was Mike's mothers. To be honest, it's full of curtains, blankets, etc (stuff I haven't looked at in two years). I should clean it out and use it to store my wool yarn, however, I hate the smell of cedar chests. I don't know why-they just remind me of what an old lady's underwear drawer would smell like and the word I use to describe it is "moofy". In any event, I have some lavender buds Wendy sent me a while ago and I could put them on the bottom to possibly help disguise the moofiness-hmmmmmm.

Question for ya-All the cedar chests I have ever seen had a locking closing mechanism on it. I assume, and I could be wrong, there is some sort of seal in a cedar chest. My husband says no, it repels moths from the scent only-anyone know anything about this? Are plastic totes moth-proof?

Gotta run, I have the Doppler ultrasound on my legs today, have to run a few errands before the appointment and make sure I am back before Elena is home from school.


kimberly said...

Totes (the plastic kind) aren't moth proof, however they are better then leaving things in bag or sitting out. However, I recently saw cedar lined totes at Lowes. They were more expensive then the regular plastic totes but not as expensive as a cedar chest.

chickpea67 said...


Thanks for your comment on my page--my first one ever!

The bag is mine, I made it up. Thats why I was interested in some earlier posts about copyrighting. The bags are a huge hit, I'm making several for my coworkers.

Kel said...

Hi Deneen,

To answer the question about cedar chests. The smell is what deters moths, the hate the smell. If you what to use your plastic totes, I would purchase some cedar balls to put in the tote with the yarn. You can usually find the cedar balls or even blocks in the laundry section(where the ironing boards, irons are sold) in Target, Walmart or Kmart, or other stores like those three. I hope that helps.
BTW...I got the coupons yesterday. Thank you so much for sending them.

Kel said...

Too add to my last post, the cedars balls or blocks are very inexpensive..a couple of bucks if that.

Melissa said...

The cedar balls and other shapes (you can even buy cedar hangers for storing winter clothes) are very inexpensive, but you have to check them from time to time as the smaller pieces of wood tend to lose their scent after a year or two. (I found this from experience.)

However, cedar "moth balls" are much nicer smelling than the old white moth balls. Plus, when the scent is gone, you can always use the cedar for another craft!

Sharon-DoD said...

Oh my gosh Deneen! You made me chuckle! We used the word "moofy" all the time growing up. I thought we had made that word up!

working mom - working wonders said...

Lavender... as in the buds or oil is a great moth repellant. It also has a more feminine smell than cedar, a nice benefit to when you pull the items out of storage. I use plastic totes with a couple large size cloth bags (sort of like what they make to store shoes) and fill them with lavender. I put one on top and one on bottom of my bins. The moths and other insects stay away. The clothes smell brilliant when coming out of storage I purchase my lavender buds online from www.splendidpalate.com. Note: I've found lavender makes a good ant and rodent repellant also, having put some by a known ant source and no longer seeing them.

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