Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Still kinda bored

Yep, still a little bored and lazy.

I am making the Cinnamon soap today though. I did start the "Star Stitch Shawl", but didn't like how the rayon/silk yarn was working out, so I frogged it. I may have to use Homespun. I want to try Drew's Chic on the Halfshell purse too.

Today, I had to go to the regular bus stop. I would have extended the pick up here, but didn't for two reasons. 1) If I apply to substitute, aren't they going to question how I can teach, but can't get my kid to the bus stop? 2) Elena wanted to go back to the regular bus stop with all the other kids.

I posted my FO's yesterday, so nothing is new.

Tomorrow I have the eye doctor appointment for my "wavy cornea"-wish me luck. Elena has an appointment also (different doctor, same town, 6 hours apart in time, of course)and she's gotten so good at the drops and all.

I don't know what to start next. I should go through my stash, but it's too much like working.

Well, laundry beckons.......


Kathy said...

If you run out of laundry, just toss the cat out of my basket and go for it, lol.

stacey said...

Mmm...cinnamon soap sounds so yummy.

Hope your eyes are okay!

I was in a big slump project-wise too. Finally started Dawn's memo bag though--I was holding off since I saw you had trouble with it, but once I got the corrected version printed out I jumped right on it. I can't wait to get it finished--I've never felted anything before. (We'll see if it can be done in my front-loader...)

Sara said...

Ugh! I'm feeling all project slumpy, too. Everything I start looks like crap.
ho hum.

and I can't wait to get me some cinnamon soap.

Rebecca said...

what is it with laundry... it's always beckoning!
sorry you'er still in a slump...

oh, don't forget to save me one of those cinnamon soaps! :D

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