Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nothing will speak to me!

I cannot seem to get into a crochet groove. I found the Homespun, started the shawl and I didn't like how it looked. Frogged it and started Drew's "Chic on the Halfshell-I'm using this funkiesh lavender/pink flannel type yarn Elizabeth sent me, with a strand of 2000 ypp cotton fuschia chenille-it looks very cool, but I still don't have my groove.

As I am counting and crocheting around, I am constantly interrupted with "Mom, can you help with the DVD?", "Mom, can you help with this Nick game?". I explain she's too young for the Nick games and I get growled at. "Mom, when is dinner done?", "Mom, Mom, Mom!". I love Elena to death, but she is high ass maintenance lately (okay, all the time, but when I am counting, it drives me bonkers!).

I want to write up a new pattern, but don't have the patience right now. I want a pattern to blow me away, can't find one. I want to work on a few of Natalie's shopping bags, but don't have it in me right now. I don't know what I want!

Aside from Elena's dramatics, Crochetville has proved to be fertile ground for dramatics lately. Since December, there has been some kind of nasty ass people and they continue to spout off at the mouth and I am tired of them. I keep hoping they will just grow up and figure out "no one cares about how they feel about a specific pattern", but obviously they will never get it. They are offended by off-beat pattern requests. I am offended by hideous Fun-fur projects, ill-fitting garments made for someone about 100 lbs lighter and other atrocities I have seen and do I comment about it, NO I DO NOT. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all-my motto there. Of course, I may miss something sensational and not get to comment, it doesn't mean it's icky, I just missed it or didn't have time to comment. If you made an open weave poncho and trimmed it with Fun-Fur, I am talking to you, if not, don't worry about it. Also, a statement about yarn frugality brought out some nastiness too. It ended up being about what the acrylic ho's thought was yarn snobbery, but actually they were acting like jackasses about people not preferring Red Heart and spouting off at the mouth such nasty little remarks-they just didn't understand the gist of the yarn frugality (waiting for sales, buying with coupons, Knit Picks, etc.) and nothing would make them either. As far as I am concerned, they can take their acrylic sweaters and have a parade-asses I say. They couldn't understand quality versus quantity and how something made from better yarn would wash better, etc. Plus there's the wearability factor of acrylic-it makes you sweaty and doesn't breath. When you wash it, it pills and fuzzes up. I would use it for an afghan, but not clothing. Now I am a yarn snob. Screw 'em I say-maybe I just am a snob, so there (I am now sticking my tongue out.

Enough of my nastiness, but I feel better now.

Nasty weather here for tomorrow, mix of icy rain and snow....I can't win with the weather lately. We have the two doctor appointments that are about 1/2 an hour away-shitty driving too.

Oooh, I made that cinnamon soap and used the essential cinnamon leaf oil I bought to make a fragrance oil for the soap (the straight EO is too strong for sensitive skin) and also added some ground ginger to the soap-smells fab-I am guessing I will have to make more than the two pound loaf I made.


Natalie said...

I'm on the outs about the poncho-maker, [??] but that whole yarn frugality business was just shit. Downright shit. In the first place, the whole conversation started about crochet costs v. knit costs, and ended up in a "woe is me, I'm poor and can only afford acrylic" whine-fest. And when the whiners were *shut down* again and again... they just couldn't accept it. Asses, like you said.

I didn't mean to run on and on in your comments - I just love how whenever drama like this arises, there are certain people who rise up and make me think "Hell yes, we do still have reasonable, kick ass humans here *somewhere...*"

Kathy said...

I know what you mean, Deneen. I would love to use only high end wools, but there are times and places acrylic is called for: kids blankies for charity, etc. Besides I can't afford the wool, and would end up only able to crochet once in a while.

That soap sounds good enough to eat. I keep watching to make sure my kitties don't try to eat the lavender-peppermint. It is so nice to use, and I will definately want more scents when you make them.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

hey be GLAD nothing is talking to you .. lately when it has me.. its been MASTY.. lol..

and that soap DOES sound good enough to eat.. i want some ..

Anna said...

I saw that thread and I just don't get it - it started out innocent enough and then just exploded and went downhill. And that person who went off on Elizabeth - man, that was uncalled for! I can't stand close minded people.

Anyway, on a happy note - your soaps and creams sound heavenly!

Cindy said...

I saw that thread and moved right along. I was feeling the crochet blahs a few weeks ago. Hope your go away soon.

Brandy said...

I agree with your idea about the acrylics-lovin parade post. I tried to make a comment in the topic on how if you're frugal then why would you pay over $5 on acrylic when you can go to Knitpicks and get WOOL for $2-3?! It doesn't make sense! But then they tried to change the topic to "but we love RH~!!"

But if they loved RH then why did they make it about being frugal? As if they only buy RH to save money but when they were proven wrong they changed the topic to that they love it. Why should it matter if they really loved RH to begin with?

If buying $2 sock yarn makes a yarn snob then so be it!

Kari said...

You tell it woman!
Dang.. must be the moon.

Karen said...

Deneen, like you I'm offended by some of the rhetoric that goes on with these crochet list, but I just skip over the nonsense and stick to why I'm be motivated to crochet beautiful things and check up on my homies! :)

Hunny said...

Well if that ain't yarn snobbery (is that a word?) at its best!! I think I am going to faint!! Pass me my big acrylic sweater to catch my fall!!!! LOL ;)

Hunny said...

oH YEAH!! When these big debates happen someone drop me a line so I can be clued in!! Hello! me over here in the dark!!

jess said...

there has been so much nastiness lately and I don't really understand why people flip out about certain patterns... if you don't like it, skip it, don't flame the person looking for hte pattern or the person sharing the pattern!

I am a horrible yarn snob. I like some acrylic for certain things, but these days I am leaning towards using cotton-acrylic blends or wool-acrylic blends because they tend to be more durable and less scratchy than 100% acrylic.

ah well!

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