Thursday, March 30, 2006

My husband thinks he's House now-

I swear, we watched House on Tuesday night and they had the lupus diagnosis as the first thing and then it jumped to metal poisoning.

Last night, I was doing my daily ritual of soaking in a tub when my husband burst in the bathroom holding up a cutting board. At first I expected a snarky remark about not washing the dishes in the sink, but he was showing me a line across the cutting board from where it had been half in water and half out. The part that was half in had a funky color. Now, we have well water here, had it at our last house, and had it in the house I lived in for 10 years with my parents.

Mike wants me to get a metal screen done on my bloodwork. My brother brought this up to me six months ago and I snorted and told him we have been using bottled water since we bought the first house and have purifying systems on the tap water. I also told him our water had to be tested when you buy a house due to problems with this area being an old farm area and pesticides, etc.

Apparently, the first house we bought passed all water inspections, but when the new owners tried to sell it six months ago (we moved 4 years ago), mercury contaminated the well and the sale is pending litigation (not with us, between the buyer and seller).

In any event, my husband feels I spend so much time in the tub, I may have absorbed shit into my skin.

I mentioned it to my mother, who sent me some info on the contamination of wells in my area, as well as an email mentioning that she ran into someone who lives about a block away from where I grew up. Apparently, his wife was diagnosed with an unspecified auto immune disorder and was really sick. Also, she is the fifth person from my little neighborhood in the past ten years with the diagnosis. Four of us that we know of lived in that area for over ten years and are sick in some connective tissue/auto-immune type way. The fifth died last year at age 43 from lupus complications.

I'm all freaked out now about bathing in the damn water, especially about letting Elena get baths. I'm going to call the health department for a water testing thingy, but damn, my doctor is going to think I am a lunatic for suggesting such a thing, but I guess it can't hurt. I guess we can rule out my husband since he did bring it up (LOL).

On a side note, please go to this post and comment. If you agree with the blogger, then please don't comment and don't read my blog anymore.


Natalie said...

Yikes, that's freaky! And how sleuthy of Mike to make the connection, too!

Ick, that post... ICK ICK ICK!!

jess said...

that's interesting... my bil and dh both had heavy metals testing due to the water here in NoVA... and bil finally diagnosed himself (with corroboration from his doc) with lead poisioning which caused him to have weird symptoms for years (they though it was lyme disease and various other autoimmune issues). Anyway, it's worthwhile to have it tested as well as your blood/hair!

[and gaaaah re: that post. yeesh. that's a huge reason why people who are raped are afraid to speak up, you know?! meh. ]

Jessica said...

Go get tested! Metals poisoning can have so many symptoms that it's frequently mistaken for other things.

And that post. No wonder "Christians" often get a bad name.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you're on the verge of finally getting some answers (heavy metal/still's disease)! You're quite an interesting medical case. I just hate that it sucks for you.

BTW...damn it woman! Are you trying to raise my blood pressure today or something? First the crazies over at the 'Ville and then the rape nazi...sheesh! Thanks for sharing though, quite the eye-opener.

Shari said...

Thanks, Deneen, for posting about that blog! I had read it earlier and couldn't believe my eyes. I'm ashamed that she and I are from the same state.

I think there's a full moon, or something. In addition to the blog and the drama on C'ville, there was almost a war on the crochet forum at on copyrights. A drama filled day on the web!

Kathy said...

Get tested, lady! I moved down here to vile well water from Toms River (right in a cancer cluster from Ciba-Geigy) so I know a thing or two about bad water. We got intermittent stomach troubles until we found the well was contaminated and had to bleach it out. Tomorrow the plumber comes and as of next week we are on county water! Chlorine...yuck!

noricum said...

My grandma lived in the country... it really is a good idea to get the well water tested on some sort of regular basis. However, if this does result somehow in you getting better, my response is "yay!" ;)

Argh... that poster is an ass.

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