Saturday, March 04, 2006

ISO Crochet Fantasy October 2003

I have been looking for a cardigan pattern for a normal sized woman. By normal size I mean wearing over a size 8-10. I am not being nasty about tiny girls, I was once one myself, but I have noticed lots of patterns are written for smaller sizes. One of the sites I go to has a gorgeous slouch shrug I would love to make, it's loose fitting, to the waist, but her sizes are XS-SX/M-L and I think she weighs about 90 lbs soaking wet-ugh.

Anyway, I was shown a cardigan on Bron's Blog and of course it's very similar to what I want to make. No buttons, goes to the waist, a more open stitch, etc. However, the pattern is from Crochet Fantasy October 2003 issue. I have searched eBay and even posted a "Want it Now ad". I am hoping someone has it lying around and would be willing to part with it. If so, please let me know.

Also, any cardigan patterns you know of similar on the web let me know. I checked Lion's site and they're not what I am looking for. I am going to make Donna's Ophelia, but wanted another pattern. I prefer nothing with motifs. I am not a motif maker/joiner. I like the look of the motifs, just don't want to do them myself.

I didn't hook at all yesterday, too much other stuff to do. Perhaps I will finish the bag today and then start Ophelia.

Elena has had a stuffyish nose all week and red cheeks Monday. I mentioned it to Mike, who claimed it was from the cold because they were playing outside at school and it's been cold. He's usually wrong and I was right, she ha a temp again this AM. I am telling you, when she had the tummy thing, she had a nose thing too. I mentioned it to the doctor and I know my daughter. It bloomed, took two weeks, but bloomed. Tylenol got the temp down, but I hope she doesn't get worse. I am tired this weekend. I did a lot of stuff the past week, more than I have in a while. I did four pounds of soap, two scents of buttah, doctor appointments, errands, etc. I feel so badly for my daughter when she's sick, but her dramatics make it seem so much worse.

Well, back to housework.


Kathy said...

Hope Elena feels better, Fifth Disease (slapped face disease) is going around down here. They get a red face that looks like they were slapped.

stacey said...

Hope Elena's feeling better soon!

This: is made of thread and short sleeves but might be adaptable?

Wendy said...

Hope she is better soon!

Rebecca said...

sorry, deneen, i cked through my stack of cf.... don't have this one :(

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