Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Hey-I feel much better today so I thought I'd blog about some upbeat stuff.

First though, has Blogger been a bugger lately or what? Halfway through typing a post the screen changes and claims I am not connected and then miraculously reconnects on it's own. The publishing takes a while longer too. Wonder what's going on?

All you yogurt fans, Mike bought me the Activa yogurt with the extra live cultures. I ate a cup and will see how it goes. The Nexium may finally be kicking in.

Last night I had a chance and actually was able to stay up through House. I love that show. Ironically, last night's show started out with a maybe lupus diagnosis. Made it all the more interesting, even though I know they write the show so no one, no doctor, surgeon or anyone else will ever figure out the outcome. I'm still stuck on the show, but could do without some of the gore.

I have been reading my "Happy Hooker" book and really like the book so far. I haven't made anything from the book or crocheted anything in weeks, but I'm feeling a groove coming back. Before I start anything new though, I must finish my C'ville Spring Stole (not even started) and Amy Houck-O'Neil's testing project (almost done).

Elena has her annual gym show tomorrow night. This year her class theme is "Tears of a Clown" and they are painting their faces, wearing red wigs, clown collars and doing a dance routine. Of course I will take a gazillion pictures. We have to have her to the school at 6:30 and the show doesn't start til 7:00 and it has limited seating, etc., so we shall see how well this is tolerated.

They are also having "sleepover day" on Friday. Tomorrow night we bring to the school a pillow, sleeping bag, pajamas, snack to share, book, flashlight, toy and apparently all day Friday they pretend they are having a sleep over. She's so excited about it all. Her Spring Break (we never had this) starts a week from next Monday and she'll be home for 6 school days. She's not thrilled about it and honestly, neither am I, but what can I do. She already has plans to go to "Kids College" in the summer for a few weeks. It's at the local community college (about 20 minutes driving time away) and for 2 hours a day x 4 days attends a class for kids age 5-8. They offer a bunch of stuff, but she picked (of all things) Science experiments for one session and Geography for another, as well as clay. They had theater, princess dress up, Dr. Suess reading time, etc, but those were what she picked. Now I have to get up the energy to download the necessary paperwork and pay for the classes.

Finally supposed to warm up here and be more Spring-like. I will say, tree pollen is high and allergies are really bad early this year. Poor Elena has bad ones too. People are suggesting I ditch the Zyrtec and have her get the shots, but I can't imagine every two weeks taking her for one. I put off vaccines an additional year because I couldn't stand the thought of her screaming like a banshee (and she did) getting them.

I've been up since 6 and need a little nap now, maybe more later


Sara said...

So glad you are feeling a little better!

Im a big House fan, too, but I wouldn't really want a doctor like that.

Did you know USA network shows an episode on Friday nights, too?

Lucy said...

Hi...just stopped by to check out your blog...I'm so glad when people post pretty regularly, so I'm putting you on my bloglines. Check out my blog if you have a
Found your blog at Crochet Mom's...Hey, where did you get the adagio tea coupon button...I love that tea.

jess said...

glad to hear you are feeling better! I like house a lot -- my bil is apparently no fun to watch with because he always figures it out before the end of the show (if he actually went to med school and became a dr, he'd probably be like House; he's a little crazy).

I did a kid's college thing when I was in 3rd grade... it was really cool.

Jewels said...

What a great idea with the sleepover thing and also the kid's college is so neat!
Our snow is melting like crazy this week - yay. I love the Happy Hooker book & patterns, I've made a few things but just fixed my blog so will get pics yet.

Kathy said...

I want to get the Happy Hooker book, but held back last week; are the patterns easily adapted to different yarns? You know I live so far in the boonies I have to substitute or mail order.
Glad you're feeling better and hugs to Elena with the allergies, did shots for years, no real improvement; but they did change as I got older. Now I can eat stuff I never could, but am highly allergic to stuff that never bothered me...go figure.

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