Friday, March 03, 2006

Getting Old is such a Bitch!

Aging sucks, no matter what anyone tells you. I hurt my leg and I don't know how. It was the one I had been having trouble with since I got sick in November. First it was the arthritis in the knee. Okay, I can live with that. Last night, while helping Elena wash her hair in the bath, I was sitting on a stool in front of the tub, never a good or comfy position any way, and had my legs crossed in front of me. Anyway, I went to move my leg and a pain shot across the front that was ungodly, seriously. I could not get up them. Mike helped me, but it was awful. I sprayed it with 024, took Advil and hoped it wasn't a blood clot (dramatic too, no?). Anyway, when I went to bed last night I told Mike, if it's a blood clot, I'll be dead by morning, remember I love you and Elena". Last night it was fine. This morning it hurts like hell. The front of the shin is killing me-stiff and painful. Damn, what can it be? I hate this shit.

I didn't crochet much at all yesterday, just the second side of Drew's bag. Maybe it'll be finished today, depending if I can get stuff done around here first.

The eye doctor appointment for Elena was okay. She hates the drops. She fought viciously, but they got them in. She then had to sit in the waiting room a few minutes for them to work. She grabbed their Magna Doodle and wrote "I hate the eye doctor" (I had to help spell doctor). She is funny as hell sometimes. He told her he would see her in six months for a check up and there would be no drops that time. She told him "no, you won't ever be seeing me again, I am done with this stuff".

Anyway, since it's Lent, and my husband observes Lent, I am making spaghetti and tuna tonight. Sounds icky right? I had it as a kid and loved it and make it here now (not for Elena though, she won't even try it). Mike was never crazy about it until we watched Molto Mario! of Food Network and he made it and now it's acceptable. You just add a can or two of tuna fish (preferable packed in oil) to a pot and brown it a little bit. Add sauce to it and simmer for about an hour-that's it. The longer you simmer, the better it tastes, trust me. Anyway, that is tonights dinner.

Elena and Mike have "date night". Elena's school is having a "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movie night. They are showing the Johnny Depp version and kids bring blankets or sleeping bags and can sit on the floor and I guess adults sit in metal chairs (how comfy) and watch the movie. They'll sell food, etc. It starts at 6:30 and it's a canned food drive too. Bring in a canned food and get in free. Elena is excited cause we missed the movie at the theater. I don't know if I am going, hopefully not, but who knows.

I have to go to a craft store this weekend to get colored tissue paper for our monthly school project. It's a kit we have to decorate. This is really a "mommy do it" project, but I make Elena do most of the decorating. It's not supposed to be a contest and I know some of the moms go overboard, but it should be for the child. Of course, going into a craft store means I will be near yarn. Good thing I have become a snob, cause most of the Michaels yarn doesn't thrill me. However, if I go to AC Moore, I could be in trouble.


Kari said...

hope your leg feels better soon. *hugs*

Amanda said...

I'd love to hear the conversations that Elena and Geof would have...they both crack me up! You've got such a spunky child...wonder where she gets it? Hope the leg feels better, could it be shin splints?

Kathy said...

Ageing is not for sissys. Gads, I hate this too...mystery pains, age spots, the whole works.

Gee, what a shame you have to go to the craft store. I'll feel bad for you the whole day now.

Watch out for the Brown Truck!

Stacy said...

I love reading the things Elena says. She sounds so much like Em sometimes.

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