Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Follow-Up

I am still having stomach problems, but won't bore you any longer with any details, let's just say it's still the same. I won't hold them to two weeks (which would make it tomorrow), but if things aren't better by next week, I have to see my primary. I have lost too much weight too fast and still can barely eat. Last night I had a bagel and it threw me into a massive indigestion attack. My mother swears it's gallbladder, which doesn't help me cause I can't just walk into a doctor's office and say "hey, yank out my gallbladder for me, my mother thinks I am having attacks". I told my mom once she hangs her shingle, give me a call.

I had my barium swallow CT scan today, as well as my x-rays. The barium was triple-berry flava-yummy (this is sarcasm!). Anyway, I won't know anything til I see the rheumy on the 28th, but all the tests are done. It used to be when you had barium, you had to take Milk-of-Magnesia afterwards because the stuff hardens like cement. The way my tummy has been, it could use the cement, but alas not it comes premixed with a laxative. I am so thrilled! (again, sarcasm).

My fishing line counter came in today from Bass Pro Shops. I plan to use it as a yarn meter ($8.00 versus $50.00) and it has an adjustable clamp on the back, so I am hoping I can attach it right to the tray when I do my winding. It only goes up to 999 feet, but that's cool. I hope it works. Unfortunately, now Bass Pro Shops is sending me daily e-mails for some fishing gear I may like to purchase. Perhaps I should write them and tell them what I bought the line counter for-it would end all the emails for sure.

Crochet wise, I am still testing a modular design my Amy Houck-O'Neill. It's cool, but my hand has been killing me and I spent a few hours hooking the other day and am paying for it now. I also have to do my stole swap stole and plan to work on the Ophelia-in time. I have a few things for my DCSP, but can't list them here (ha! ha!). I also broke down and bought "Happy Hooker" off of eBay, can't wait til it's in.

I didn't make any buttah this week, but will next week. This week was too crazy ass and I was too fidgety.

Food thingy: Natalie sent me four bags of Snapea Crisps from Trader Joe's (one bag left now). Anyway, they tasted a tad different than the ones from the Asian market. I checked the ingredient list-the ones at the Asian market have MSG and the ones from the "American" markets don't-weird-same brand name. Anyway, the good news is that when we went to the new rheumy's office (which is about an hour drive, but only 35 miles away), I spotted a Trader Joe's about a mile before her office! I am so excited to pop in there on the 28th. The doctors office is in a cutesy, posh little area (Cherry Hill for you readers who are familiar with Jersey and Philly-you too Cheryl), so of course, it's a new Trader Joe's and should have the high prices everyone complains about, but I need my Snapeas and so does Elena. MSG doesn't bother me, but my husband gets sneezing fits from it (anything has MSG, about ten minutes after eating it, he has multiple sneezes, like 20 and hurts his chest wall, etc). It usually doesn't bother me. Heck, as a kid my mom had a spice container of MSG for soups, etc. If you ask at a Chinese restaurant, be warned. I asked about MSG one time and they said "no" and after the meal showed me the Accent container they used, which had MSG. My SIL, who is from Shanghai, has a huge canister of it and uses it daily. She also uses salt on her own food in huge proportions-shrimp, soy sauce and salt-ick I say. Anyway, she had the canister next to the sugar one and I had made tea and accidently put MSG in it instead (looks the same)-I thought I would hurl-she now marks her canisters.

Anyway, all for now. It's Friday, which means no meat for Mike. I haven't cooked in over 2 weeks cause I cannot stand the smell-but tonight he's getting Filet O'Fish (kinda like a St. Patty's and Lent thing when spelled that way), but I don't know if I can handle the fried, but is a burger better??????

I also forgot, my husband bought a new truck. It should be in tomorrow. He's had it with the used car problems we have been having and is trading in his Mercedes. He bought a Toyota Tundra four door. He's leasing it for three years and buying it out. Of course, he works more than 60 miles one way from home, so I guess he will only drive it one or two days a week to work. He also claims he's have it for 20 years, blah-blah-blah. Now, we can conveniently take our own trash to the "Convenience Center" or dump, as it was previously called. Our town doesn't have trash pick-up, something that appalled me at first, but now that I realize how great it is having a place open weekends to take big items to throw out and now that Mike got the truck, won't be so bad. We were paying a guy $25 a month to pick it up, but now Mike can do it himself.

Anyway, O'Elena is home (what she is to be called today, I was informed) and covered in green glitter. Apparently, a leprechaun broke into her classroom, left cute doodle-bop headbands, green glitter and broke a chair. They spent an hour searching the playground for him. At least one of us had an exciting, fun-filled day!

Happy St. Patty's Day!


The Shrone said...

It's funny you mention Accent seasoning. It's just a brand name for MSG. It's been a long while since I've seen MSG labeled as plain MSG. Accent has been around for a very long time. I guess some people think giving it a fancy name makes it different.

If you want some of the Asian market snow peas, let me know. I'll be in Seattle again eventually. I can get you a supply if you want the MSG ones.

I always get the strawberry barium---not by choice. Yuck! None of the flavors tastes good. It comes in different thicknesses, too. I like how you don't feel like eating or drinknig and they want you to drink 2 20oz cups of the stuff!

stacey said...

I've got a couple bags of them for you but I don't have your address...

Barium is so vile. Last time I had it, it didn't have a flavor but that's probably for the best. Did they hand you what looked like a cup of styrofoam bits and tell you to "drink" it? That was peculiar.

Kathy said...

My son's first grade class had a leprechaun visit too....back in the day when he was sweet and not so mouthy (son not leprechaun).

Why didn't you tell my you wanted a line counter? I work for Boaters World and would have gotten them for us to try.

Yes, I'm home.

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