Monday, February 27, 2006

Weird Weekend

What a strange weekend I had. My mom took Elena out with her on Saturday and Mike had stuff to do Saturday with regards to a dump they want to put in our town, not for residents, but for casino trash as a transfer station-we are opposed, so he had some stuff to do and I literally spent the day reading and sleeping. Quite nice actually.

Sunday, we went to Best Buy and finally, yes finally, have moved from dial-up to cable freaking internet. It took Mike all afternoon, but we are hooked up for speed! I am so happy, but now I have all the email shit I save to transfer, etc. Ick. I also had to change my paypal, ebay, etsy addy and I hope it doesn't cause any money transfer problems, but I know it will.

The bowl is fulled and looks to big, kinda like a beret, must be refulled. I am making a fulled scissor case, details tomorrow when it's done.

Aunt Flo finally came to visit me. She hasn't been here since the beginning of December-since I got really sick. Fortunately, she came last night right at bedtime, so I knew she was here, but unfortunately she has come with a venegance. Bitch that she is!

I am still working on the Koigu sock and the scissor holder, but more tomorrow, promise.

Oh, I signed up for the "Stole Swap" on Crochetville. Don't know if I should have as I tend to get stuff with Fun-Fur, etc. Oh well, too late now.......


Lani said...

LOL ... and that, in a nutshell, is why I did NOT sign up for the stole swap. Grats on being wired for speed! You're gonna love it.

Kari said...

YAY For cable internet, dont know what we would do without it.. hmmm aunt flo hasn't come calling yet here.

Kathy said...

Perhaps I'll get your name, you know I hate working with that crap so you won't get a furry one from me.

Sorry about Aunt Flo, I told her to hit the road since she'd been here since Dec. but I didn't mean for her to come your way...honest.

The Shrone said...

Yeah! Welcome to high-speed!

Sorry about flo. It would be so nice not to have her visit anymore...someday.

I got my lav-van buttah and it is so dreamy! I should have ordered more! Next time...

Marvie said...

Woohoo for cable internet =) Hubby was just saying that when we get home he will take a second job to be sure we have cable (not that we'd need to do that, but that's how insistent he is)

Sorry to hear Flo is being such a bitch, heh gives me something to not look forward too huh?

And I plan to order some of your buttah soon, like as soon as my allowance is in the bank *g* I've been dying to try it and since I've been reading all the raves I really want to get my hands (and feet etc.) on that stuff =)

Rebecca said...

you are going to love your computer sooo much more with cable :) i know i do. you'll never be able to go back! oh that flo, she is definitely a bitch!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

ooo now i can call you while you are online... hehehehehe......i am evil

and arent days like that nice.. just you time.. some times you just need it..

i got some of that yesterday it was nice ..

and umm yeah.. on the stole could probably ask in big red letter for no fun fur .. and you would get it anyway cause ppl dont fucking read

maybe i should sign up and we could be partners hehehe... i am bad i know..

Wendy said...

Happy Monday! Glad you had a good Saturday, for once. You definately deserved it. Look forward to seeing your scissor case. I like fun fur if it is done in simple thin scarves, but I don't like it as trim to anything and I wouldn't like it on a stole.

I have learned though it is a risk to sign up for some of the crafted swaps as you never know if the person that sends you something will send something of quality.

It is sad and disappointing to me that someone took so much time making a me something that fell a part and also looked bad because of color changes gone bad, or basic lack of knowledge on how to weave in ends or how to change colors.

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