Thursday, February 23, 2006

Voyeurism 101

Yes, I admit, I like looking at pictures people have posted because I like to be nosy and kinda see what's in the background. I assume most of us are like this. I know Jessica is because she has sent me emails with links to pictures to help keep my nosiness alive and well. When I peruse eBay, I also like to look at the background of the items I am looking at. If it looks skeevy, I avoid buying, simple as that.

Now, I always look at houses as I drive by and you can generally tell what the inside looks like by how the outside is. Not always, but generally. My house for example, has kids stuff strewn about outside, the porch has it's supply of sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc. The Christmas lights are still up (no, we don't still turn them on). In any event, it looks like a kid lives here inside and out. It also looks like a mom lives here who has better things to do than straighten up and that is true also. It also looks like 10 kids live here, not true. I clean, but I am topsy-turvy when it comes to straightening up.

Anyway, I drive past certain houses and I know the inside is perfect. This morning, after going to the post office, I drove past this really, really nice house on my corner. I often wondered what it looked like inside, they always have the blinds drawn, etc. The outside isn't much to look at landscape wise and I doubt children live there. This morning I go past and the most hideous, ugliest damn couch is sitting outside of this house. I mean brown and gold plaid with freaking duct tape on one cushion. We don't have trash pick up here, so I assume they think someone will pick it up for free and take it home. What are they thinking? I have left a kids desk Elena outgrew outside with a "FREE" sign on it and it disappeared within an hour. This couch will be there for eternity, I promise you this. It got me thinking, if this is their furnishings, maybe the house is icky inside and I was wrong. Just cause it's a nice house, doesn't mean it's nice inside. Damn, blew my theory out of the water.

Now talking about clean, neat houses-my mother. Her newspaper is recycled by 7:15 AM or earlier. You will never find an empty glass on the end table, a dish in the sink or the dish drain, anything out of place, ever. Her closets are perfect, her cabinets are perfect, it's all perfect. Gawd knows my aunt has tried popping in on her numerous times over the years to catch anything, nope, never did. Me, however, the only time it's straightened up is if I know someone is coming. You pop in on my and who knows what it will look like. A weekend and you will find newspapers on the living room floor, coffee cups on the end tables, toys all over the living room floor (yes, we have a playroom, but what fun is that if you're not in the same room as mom and dad?). There may even been dishes from the big breakfast Mike cooked in the sink, as well as pans on the stove. General disarray. Come on a weekday and you will find the dining room table with the weeks mail on it, Mike's crap from work on it, Elena's school papers for the week out for Mike to see, a box of crayons, some coloring books, some kids paints, you get the picture. This all gets cleaned off on Saturday or Sunday to start again on Monday. The living room with have a crochet project half done sitting on my chair, a click counter on my end table with scissors, stitch markers, a pen, paper, yarns ends and a coffee cup or drink glass sitting on a coaster (yea, I use coasters). The living room will look okay otherwise, some toys, pillows on the couch messed up, but okay. The kitchen will have all dishes done, but sitting in the drying rack. It may also have some sort of soap being made, cream being made, dyeing going on. This is at least twice a week. When it's all done, it's cleaned up and looks fine, but there is always something being created, made or cooked. The bathroom always looks clean and okay. We won't discuss the spare room/computer room. That door is shut at all times. Upstairs is okay, Elena's bed is always made and her room is 90% neat. My room, sometimes made bed, totes of yarn piled everywhere (I plan to clean it all up soon). I even had Mike bring the vac up last night for me to vac up there today-felt motivated last night.

So if you ever wondered, there it is. When I make my toiletries, everything is clean, scrubbed and perfect-so don't worry-my kitchen is completely and utterly sanitary. Sink is scrubbed daily, etc. Just be grateful I don't make the buttah in the spare room!

I am making some soap now, Sweet Pea scent, and it'll be ready in 4 weeks. I plan to make more buttah later today or tomorrow AM-possible vanilla or lavender, by themselves.

Anyway, back to the soap, laundry and perhaps even vacuuming upstairs!


Jessica said...

I ride the bus, and one of my favorite ways to spend the ride home is to look out the windows and peek in the windows of the houses we pass. :)

My moms is like your mom, except for her office, which looks like a paper hurricane blew through. :) Once, frustrated by all the dog fur at my place, my mom asked me why I couldn't just keep it clean - she did! I then had to point out that not only does she only work a few hours a week, but she has a cleaning lady who comes in twice a week to clean up after her, her husband and the cats. Twice a week! I told her that I would have a clean house, too, if she would pay for a cleaning lady to stop by twice a week. :)

I have different priorities than others, and keeping my house perfect is way down on the list, too. :)

ThreeOliveMartini said...

is that the same sweet pea smell as say.. umm bath and body ? cause i like that smell..

ALOT .. but not more then Plumeria LOL

i am the same way about houses and pictures..

that is why i make sure i crop all my pics for you LOL .. just kidding..

sharon said...

I didn't know you had sweet pea! That would be my next choice for your "buttah".

Kimberly said...

Sweet Pea? *ears perk* Please don't torment me! *grin*

My place is usually two steps away from being declared a war zone! My mother says that I live in organized chaos - I can probably tell you where every little thing is, and yet people have run screaming from the sight of my aparmtent! Unless of course I know guests are coming over, and then its an all out cleaning session! I just need a bigger place than a 1 bedroom apartment with no storage areas!

Kari said...

I thought about you this morning while looking through a cheapcycle photoalbum at some pics of some furniture someone was TRYING to sell. They had reduced the prices twice so I got curious. There were papers strewn all over the floor and on top of the end table and dirt litterally all over the floor and futon. I about choked on my coffee, if I were trying to sell something I try to take the best possible pic.
Anyway I am the same way always looking in the background of pics to see the rest of the house et al.
I am admitedly the worlds worst housekeeper.

Joy said...

I do that too! And whenever I'm driving through my neighborhood at night I look at people's windows if they haven't closed their curtains or blinds. You can learn a lot about someone by just getting a driveby glimpse of their livingroom! :)

O.k. yes,I am strange. ;)

Lani said...

I ALWAYS peek in windows when I'm driving or out walking -- you can't seriously mean there's somebody out there who doesn't? Damn sure not my neighbors; my across-the-street neighbor, a dear german lady, told me me a couple of weeks after I moved here how much she liked the pictures I had hung in the dining room and asked me when I was going to hang up the spoon rack that was leaning on the side chair (seriously! We were standing in the front yard at the time, mind you, and she'd never been into my house! I didn't know whether to be horrified or amused that she was so open about not just peeking into my windows but STUDYING through my windows.). I'm very careful now before I open my blinds in the morning that all rooms that face the street are neat and shiny, not that it's hard since there are just the two of us. Much harder with kids, Deneen; your house sounds clean but lived in which is much better than sterile IMO.

As for pictures .. yeah. Me too about checking the background before I buy stuff. I've seen people post pics of stuff on ebay with cigarettes burning in overflowing ashtrays next to the item for sale, umpty-seven dirty plates and glasses, piles of dirty clothes, and worse in the background -- thanks, but no thanks.

Soooo, Sweet Pea, eh? Maybe when that soap's ready for sale you can do some buttah in the same scent and sell us a deliciously scented bath package?

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