Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day-Schmalentines Day!

Yesterday was icky-completely. First off, Mike and I had eye appointments, but first we had to get tires for his car. We dropped the car off at Sears and went to Starbucks to kill some time before the appointments. I ran into someone I hadn't seen for a few years, but had been close to (her school/work schedule makes it almost impossible for us to get together. She owns her own hair salon, but was going to her master's in psychology, got it and is working as a psychologist at a hospital and running the salon). Anyway, she didn't recognize me, which goes to show how much my face changed from the steroids. Ugh-I hate it.

We go to the eye doctor and I get the exam. It's supposed to be for eyeglasses, but what happens? Apparently the steroids did damage to my cornea on my left eye. I had been experiencing shadows/white spots about an hour after taking the higher dose of Prednisone. However, it went away. During the exam, when the doctor blurred stuff and then unblurred, it stayed the same for me, which kinda freaked out the doctor. He checked my cornea and said it's wavy. I have a follow up with a specialist on March 2. He hopes it's temporary and since I have tapered down the steroids, will go away, but he doesn't know. He never saw this before and is a bit stumped. In any event, more shitty news on the steroid/lupus saga.

We pick up the car and grab lunch. Then we go to Elena's Valentine's party-big fun there. Elena decides she wants to come home with us instead of on the bus. Okay, fine, no prob. I am exhausted at this point, but Mike wants to go to dinner at our fav Chinese restaurant around 6:00, but my mom stopped in. Okay, fine, she stays about an hour leaves and we head for dinner. The place is busy, but they have a table for us. We sit down and wait about 45 minutes for our food. He talks to Rudy, the owner about the crappy service (no tea, no water, etc). Rudy kind of apologizes and says the food will be out in a minute. It comes out, some of it is ice cold, I mean freezing cold. They forget Elena's fried rice too. Mike asks for it,we are told it'll be right out. About 20 minutes passes, Mike is fed up and we decide to leave. Now, we eat at that restaurant weekly and have Elena's birthday parties for the family there. We are good, loyal customers and to be treated so shittily was the end of the line for Mike. Now I have to find another Chinese place.

We stop at Wendy's to get Elena dinner and come home. I am feeling tired, achy and sore. Too much running around for me in one day. Anyway, I go to bed early, around 9:00 PM and Mike and Elena come up about 20 minutes later. I fall asleep immediately. Mike wakes me up for a little "you know" about an hour or so later, I am so out of it, I fall back asleep and apparently (or so I am told) ignore him. He is pissed and sleeps on the couch. Another fun day for me.

Oh yea, I got a jury duty notice in the mail, my stomach meds aren't covered by insurance and I forgot to get a referral for the doctor. Let's hope today is better.


Jessica said...

Ugh. Crappy day. Hope today is better!

Kari said...


Want me to come beat someone up for you?

Kimberly said...

Well, poo....feel better soon, ok?

Amanda said...

Oy!! Well, at least today is a new day and hopefully a much better one! Take care!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

well the bright side.. its done..

so hoping today is better .. has to be right ?

Rebecca said...

dang girl! ick! well, let your hubby know, he's not the only one who didn't get any "you know" for valentine's day! LOL!!

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