Monday, February 13, 2006

Finished Creation and Manic Monday Post

This is my latest:

I am going to type up the pattern this week. This is made with Moda Dea Ticker Tape and it's so pretty in person, wish it was mine, but it's not!

Other manic Monday stuff:

Usually, I relish my Monday's. Elena is off to school, Mike is off to work and it's quiet here for the first time in day, but today is different:

I am making chocolate covered pretzels for Elena's Valentine's Party at school tomorrow. Nothing like waiting til last minute. Mike tells me Elena's going to be pissed she didn't get to help, but I can't have her in there doing this because my patience is short this AM. We'll bake brownies for Mike for Valentine's day later today.

This AM, Mike left for work the normal time. The snow is still heavy here, no melting yesterday. Anyway, he leaves and about 5 minutes later he's home-damn car hit some ice and blew out a tire. We call AAA to change the flat and what happens, they break their wrench on the damn lug nuts and tell us "must be towed to garage with air wrench". We call the garage and they are snowed in, but say it can be done by tomorrow AM. Now, you know it's gonna cost something for this shit! So Mike took my Element and I am home and carless, no biggie, but today will be the day Elena needs to come home from school early, etc.

I have to bake above mentioned brownies.

I do have to type up the pattern, but I guess it can wait til Wednesday.

I must finish my V-stitch socks. I worked on them yesterday, but messed up the count and had to frog half a sock-frustrating, but there is something so Zen about crocheting a sock with the little hook and tiny stitches, it soothes me in a weird way.

Out of the mouths of babe department:

I don't smoke in my house, only outside, but my cigarettes were sitting on the end table last night. Elena saw them and read (yes, she can read now and sound out almost anything, smart cookie I have here) the name on the pack "Kool" (they're 2 for 1 now). Anyway, she says to me "Kool, there's nothing cool about those, they should be called "Stupid"" Now that's smart and my baby-she's so right.

Maybe on Wednesday I can post some killer icicle pics. They're back! The melting going on today is causing all kinds of huge chunks of ice falling off wires and trees. Dangerous out there!

I probably won't be posting tomorrow. Mike and I have eye doctor appointments in the AM (how romantic for me to schedule them on Valentine's day) and we're going to drop his car off at Sears for four new tires on the way. Maybe we will have time to catch lunch and then back here because Elena is having her class Valentine's Party at 2:15 and we're attending (and bringing the pretzels). So, busy day tomorrow-catch on WIP Wednesday!


ThreeOliveMartini said...

lol@ "there is nothing cool about those.. "

man they grow up fast dont they

the poncho looks great !!

and i want a chocolate pretzel .. damn

Kari said...

Gee way to try to blow my WW by talking chocolate pretzels! ;)
And look at you the designing whiz lately! DANG GIRL!

Great poncho, hoping you have a container of that shea butter left on payday... and omg I am sooo addicted to what I bought already! I love love love it!

Cindy said...

The poncho looks great!! But, I still want to make a bag out of mine.

Jewels said...

When I saw those snow pics I was wondering how your hubby's drive would be. That's the worst in winter, the damn driving is so unpredictable.
Nice're a design maniac lately!! kudos.

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