Thursday, January 19, 2006

WIP Wednesday

I am still working on the Town and Country Poncho from the Lion Brand site. I love this poncho made with Amore, comes out so nice. It's a super simple pattern, just not into it much lately. I also MUST make Elena a pair of mittens-again, my brain isn't up to par and I don't know if I am into it.

I have to clean today. Must vac the house. I also have tons of laundry. I also have to start returning some phone calls, I am so rude at times.

I have to schedule the chest x-ray, which entails getting the referral, etc, pain in the ass really. I also have to call the rheumy and get the preauthorization done for the new meds, another pain in the ass.

I started my Prednisone taper today (yeah!) and accidently took the Imuran without eating (it was mixed in with my other pills). Now I feel dizzy and slightly wonky. I also had planned to burn a little one today, but maybe after the dizziness subsides. I also made the mistake and drank a cup of coffee. Since I've been on the Prednisone, the coffee makes my heart race and makes me hyper, so I cut back, okay cut out most caffeine, but I needed it this AM, so now I am all hyper. Maybe I'll toss some soap on. The soap part is easy, I just don't feel like lining the molds, etc. Lazy ass.

Rebecca received her Knit Picks order from the yarn swap yesterday. I knew it wouldn't look like much, couple skeins of Decadence (which I covet), couple skeins of shimmer and couple skeins of sock garden and a pattern but it went over budget, of course. I plan to send her some other stuff, plus something I made sometime this month too. When I placed the Knit Picks order, I also ordered two hanks of Fly Fishing sock yarn and a sock guide thingy for me. Somehow I knew the woman would screw up the order and she did. Rebecca got her order and mine was charged, but cancelled. I called this AM and they are resending it expedited for free, but still. Now I have to deal with a double charge on Mike's credit card, ugh, he'll be raggy about it. Do you ever do something and know ahead of time it'll be screwed up? You get that funky ass vibe and just know? I had that with this and I was right. It's weird, I get these weird vibes, feelings in my stomach when something is about to happen and then it does. Been like that since I was little. It freaks Mike out a lot of the times.

Tonight we are having salad-the BIG salad. Some rare sliced filet mignon, hard boiled eggs, marinated mushrooms, sweet hot peppers, homemade vinaigrette. I have been into the food stuff since the high Prednisone dose and watching food network a lot. Haven't gained any weight, just INTO the food. I adore Alton Brown and love the new show "Ham on the Street" (Wednesdays at 10:30 PM after Alton). I also decided this weekend to make one fancy schmancy meal. I have these jumbo scallops I plan to wrap in some apple smoked bacon and bake. If I broil them, the bacon comes out kinda wiggly, so I have to play around with it to tweek my recipe. Oh, also, new Iron Chef this Sunday night (see, I told you I was into the food stuff).

I may let Elena take off either Monday or Tuesday (must see how I feel, this damn disease is day to day) so I can take her to the local college for Junie B Jones play. Why in the hell would they have it on a weekday (10:30 AM and 12 noon shows) when all kids have school those days? Don't know either. She loves those chapter books and they read them in school and I thought she would like it. I'll have to go to their website to reverify.

Well this has gone all over the place hasn't it? Oy....


Kari said...

I know what you mean about the gut feeling of things being all messed up. I do that too.

I am a huge foodie (huge in more ways than one lol), I love food network.

Your salad sounds great.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

omg.. that salad sounds to DIE for!!

i love food too .. so does my ASS..

Stacey said...

Definitely know what you mean about getting that feeling in advance that things will get screwed up!

Hope tapering off the prednisone isn't too awful. I've never had anything like the doses you've needed, but I can tell you I just finished yet another one of those six-day dosepacks and I feel like shit on a shingle. Ack. So I hope they get you off it carefully enough that it doesn't suck too much! (((hugs)))

Natalie said...

Can I come to dinner at your house, lol? All Kris and I ever eat is shit junk-food.

I love Alton Brown, too!! Good Eats is my fave.

Rebecca said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the yarn you sent me!!! i can't wait to be able to post some pics (my photo stuff is on the HP- which is down)
that decadence....OH MY GOSH! that is the softest stuff ever! the colors you chose for me are perfect! you'll see just how perfect as soon as hubby gets the hp running again......

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