Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tuesday's Thoughts

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, it was one of those lost days. Elena had an ear infection/earache on Sunday night-her first one that she knew something hurt and something was wrong. I gave her Tylenol and warm compresses, but she as trouble sleeping and was whimpering all night. It broke my heart, so I had Mike set up the trundle bed in her room and I slept in there with her. I have a feather bed mattress pad and a down blanket on my bed and I didn't realize how much more comfortable my bed was til I slept in the trundle bed-oy!

Anyway, Mike took her to the pediatrician yesterday, ear infection-start of one, so she started on antibiotics and is doing better. I hate when my baby doesn't feel good!

I crocheted for about an hour yesterday with my Brittany hook. The Clover Soft touch aggravates my hands more, so I'll put that aside for now. Anyway, it felt good to be able to crochet a bit.

I am tired now all the time. I slept an hour yesterday during the day, fell asleep for an hour last night around 5:00 PM and still went to bed at 11:00 last night and slept through the night. I can now sleep on my side without a lot of pain, so things are looking up. The flare is subsiding (finally), but it's slow as shit, as is the pleurisy. My hands still have the arthritis and now the fibromyalgia has set in a bit, but it's so much better than before. I've even cut the pain meds to twice a day. I have a rheumy appointment the 18th and may make a primary appointment for this week to follow up on the pleurisy. I am sick of the doctors and sick of them not knowing what the hell to do with me because they don't understand the disease themselves. It's very frustrating. I had a mini-meltdown Monday night-sobbed for about an hour and damn if it didn't feel good. I felt so much better afterwards. I rarely cry and perhaps I should more often!

Shout out to "Kristy" for quitting smoking-you can do it! You should be proud!

Please send good thoughts and vibes to Cordelia. Because of the wildfires in Texas, she and her family were evacuated yesterday. I don't know when we'll hear from her, but keep them in your daily thoughts. It's a scary thing.

Well, back to my space-dyed jewel tone chenille bag from "24 Hour Crochet Projects" (yes, I have been working on this slowly since Christmas!). This will need a lining too, but that will have to wait. I hope to work on one of Etaria's wonderful cabled hat patterns for my BIL in wool from Knit Picks. I never did FP and BP crocheting before, so we shall see, but her patterns are so darn nice, I have to do it!


Kari said...

I love doing FP and BR crocheting. It's soooo cool!

Stacey said...

(Hope you don't get two of this! My browser crashed *poof* right when I clicked on "login and publish".)

Front & back post stitches aren't bad at all once you get the hang of which is which. They're kinda fun.

I'm very, very glad the flare is subsiding, though sorry it's being so damn slow in leaving. Vake care...

Natalie said...

That big-collar cardi I struggled with over the summer was all fp hdc. It was a lot less intimidating than I'd expected, defnitely, and the effect is so cool.

Glad to hear you're up to hookin a little... Y'Know I was thinking about this the other day - I wonder if maybe ergo hooks might be easier on your arthritis? There's that trigger grip one, and "Handy Hooks" are those fat and curved plastic ones to supposedly help ease your grip. Might be worth a look into, if it makes it at all easier.

**Heather** said...

I wish there were words I could say to help you feel better!!

Glad Elena got on some meds! I hate earaches/infections!!

Thanks for your support! It means TONS to me!

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