Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Thank You Posts

Yesterday, as dreadful as it was, was brightened by some mail pressies!

Thank you to Wendy, who last week sent me some dried lavender, "How to Knit" booklets, stitch markers, a Barbie Pegasus Dress Up outfit for Elena and a nice card. Yesterday, she also sent me some awesome pain spray she uses for her back. It's all natural with camphor, menthol and peppermint and I used it last night on my hand and voila!-it worked. Thank you so much!

Next Vicki, who has been going through a terrible time with the passing of her mother and uncle, sent me a package containing the latest Crochet Fantasy magazine (with the article about the Modular Crochet with Beth quoted), a soft, beautiful handmade scarf, a travel candle, a magnetic pad for the fridge and a teddy bear for Elena-Thank you!

Last, but not least, Julie sent me a package from Canada that I think crawled here itself from the looks of the packaging and the time it took (LOL). She sent me (and if I leave anything out forgive me), a skein of bulky Lopi wool yarn, a CD-ROM on Knitting Made Easy, a doily she made, a coaster she made, a bookmark she made, a bunch of patterns, a note book for my thoughts, ideas and patterns and a little smiley face zipper bag for Elena.

Thank you all, nice things to receive at the end of a crap-pay day!

Today doesn't look much better either. Elena still has the high temp, even with Tylenol and antibiotic. She has nightmares all night and is basically up all night, which means I am up all night. I have finally been feeling better for the past two days and have been thrown into "mommy sick alert mode" immediately. I doubt very much she will go to school tomorrow either, which has her upset cause it's class picture day. Her temp is much too high to send her in. She gags on the Motrin liquid and chewables and cries and carries on and, although it helps the temp better, it's not worth the 1/2 hour of crap I go through and she goes through.

I started doing socks yesterday, but my head wasn't in it. I may finally work on the Ticker Tape poncho today. I did do a bunch of stitch markers yesterday and may do some more today. I really have to put some soap on too-I need to make a little money. Not crocheting those two months hurt my income a little and then with both cars breaking down, that was almost $1,000 right there.

Well, back to my little one, sick, but still always the diva!


Kathy said...

Wow, you sure made a good haul yesterday. Sorry Elena still is feeling lousy; I know how hard that is on you. Hope you can get some crochet done, that always is soothing.

Dipsy D. said...

Now, a day with so many presents can't be a bad day, no?
All the best wishes to Elena, hope she'll be feeling better very soon! But as long as she's still the little diva, she'll be well again in no time, you'll see!
Dipsy D. - http://www.millharrow.com/weblog

vicki said...

your welcome deneen, i sure hope that elena is better soon, is she allergic to penicillian cause of she isn't when my kids had strep they always got a shot, but 2 days later were all better. just a thought, which i am sure you already thought of :-P i hope you stay well sweetie, you been through enough last year and already this year to last the entire year:(, hang in there, will see if i can send elena something to cheer her little diva up LOL hugggs

Joy said...

Yay for gifties! Speaking of which, I have something for you! When you get a second will you shoot me your mailing addy again? :)

memerecher said...

dont keep it a secret
aching aging SIL wants to know name of miracle spray
elena---my fat curly doggie sends his love to you

Cindy said...

What great presents! I hope Elena starts to feel better soon.


Stacey said...

Ooh, fun stuff!

I hope Elena feels better soon. I feel her pain with the medicine. I have vivid memories of orange-flavored St. Joseph's baby aspirin and that nasty liquid penicillin. Icky. My mom ended up doing things like crushing the aspirin up and hiding it in cocoa to get it into me.

Wendy said...

I think what is worse than the chewables for kids is the liquid. I went through this with Sierra. I just threatened to buy the kind that goes in her butt...she did not like that and now takes medicine like she should.

I hope she is getting better! I am so glad the O24 stuff is working for you. I think I have a coupon somewhere too...I will let you know.

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