Sunday, January 15, 2006

Snow, Old Country Buffet and Feeling Better

It snowed last night here, only 3", but remember it was 63 degrees here yesterday AM. It's bitterly cold with winds whipping up to 50 mph. Elena was up and outside by 9:00 AM to play in the only snow we've had. Only lasted about 20 minutes cause of the cold, but she loved it. She then insisted we all go out to breakfast at Old Country Buffet. Now, I hate buffets, especially Old Country. My problem is I hate (and I know this is wrong) seeing all the morbidly obese people making gluttons of themselves, it bothers me to no end. Anyway, Elena loves the hash browns and waffles (my meatless, carb loving gal!).

Anyway, because of the weather, the place was quiet and I ate like a gluttonous pig. Fried chicken, salad, french toast, etc. I hadn't been out to eat in 6 weeks and all the food overwhelmed me. I ate til I was sick.

Then I dragged my husband to Old Navy for the sale. He didn't find anything, but I found two pair of jeans in my size (short too) for $7.49 each, so I scooped them up. Usually, they only have my size in stretch too, but these were regular, just below waist, bootcut and no stretch. I was like the cheshire cat.

Then onto Michaels cause Elena wanted these capsule things to add to water and the sponges grow. Anyway, I had my mom again (Elena insisted) and she found Moda Dea Ticker Tape for $3 a skein and insisted she buy yarn for this poncho she wanted like the Moonlight Mohair one I made her. Well, I usually just make her the stuff, but I didn't have the $21 for the yarn this week, she bought it herself, so I guess she really liked the other poncho. She's getting yarn snobby too, since she knew the ticker tape was normal $8 a skein. She also picked out some Amore for the ponchette like I made my SIL for Christmas for me to make her one too. She's realizing the cost of yarn, time it takes, etc and is appreciating the "art" as she calls it.

I did not need the rascal today either. My legs got tired and were numb, but I felt so much better. My hands are wonky, but I am crocheting up a storm and plan to end the crochet contest on January 29th at the Michaels near me. The first prize is a big old basket of stuff, which is fine with me. My husband doesn't think my hands are up to it, but they will be!

Anyway, not 100%. but definitely on the mend and thrilled about it!

I also blew my yarn diet a bit by ordering some Cascade 220 off of a seller on eBay who had cheap shipping, $4.85 a skein and 100% feedback-sigh.

Faith, I will happily share my pizza dough recipe. Give me a day or so, when Elena is back to school and I have some alone time and I will write it all out and post it.

I also made a fantastic soup yesterday, which we ate half of pot of and if anyone wants the recipe, I'll post it. It's made with ground beef (with or without sausage), veggies, ditalini pasta, and is tomato/chicken broth based. Easy, thick and super tasty!

Well, making dough again today-


ThreeOliveMartini said...

i dotn like buffets for the very reason of.. you dont know where every ones hands have been ..


glad you had a good day !!

Kathy said...

Glad you're feeling better day by day, and that soup sounds yummy.

Tiffany said...

mmm.. that soup sounds delicious! (if you hear tapping, it's the sound of my fingers awaiting that recipe. ;) )

I was spoiled in Vegas. I can only eat at buffets that offer prime rib and jumbo shrimp already peeled. Of course, the same buffet that offers that also has a crepe stand where this wonderful person makes you the crepe of your dreams.

Joy said...

*sneak, sneak, sneakity, sneak*



Missed you!

**Heather** said...

I am so glad you got out and about! Sounds like a great day, I hope it didnt wear you out too much....

I cant do buffet style eating.... Im a total germaphob.... lol and the same reason you have.... I guess Im kinda odd that way.

The Shrone said...

Buffets are good when Prednisone kicks in and you can eat your weight in food! However, I generally find that they cater to the elderly and have a lot of old people foods.

Though I would like to see if the prime rib buffet at the casino is any good...

Sedie said...

So glad to hear you are doing better!

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