Friday, January 20, 2006


I never thought the taper would make me so stiff so soon, but my hands hurt like hell, can barely move them this morning, as well as my neck. Well, the doc warned me, but darn it, not the hands again! Mike did get the Duragesic patch last night and, truth be told, I feel no difference pain wise. Maybe it takes a few days of wearing it.

I am almost done the poncho and hope to get it done today, albeit slowly.

I also plan, in the next few months, to make a dresser scarf out of #8 thread for Elena's room. Anyone have a simple pattern for me? I don't usually do thread, so the easier the better for me. I plan to get some gorgeous variagated pink, white and purple 100% mercerized cotton thread from Mimi in the Phillipines. I have never seen colors like this in the US. I also ordered some variagated brown, rust and white to make a few doilies for my mom. She also carries #10 thread in a ton of colors, great prices. Later today, she plans to have some pics up of some INOX hooks too, super great prices again. There is a bit of ship time, since they are coming from the Phillipines, but worth the wait. If you are interested, check it out here.

Hopefully my hands will start working a bit this morning, I had so many plans for today, but I guess they're back burner. Hot bath is first on the list now!

I do want to start the Ticker Tape poncho, but may do mittens first. Socks are on my list too. Too many projects, not enough time or energy, but I will get to them all eventually. As I type this, I am printing patterns from the Berroco site. It is a sickness, not a bad one, but one nonetheless.

I don't know if she's still blog reading, but shout out to Ro, who I haven't heard from in ages.


Kimberly said...

I just love the thread from Mimi - I bought some monacco cotton a while back and I absolutely love using it! I can not wait to place another order!

Ahh geeeez! I hope that the pain patch kicks in soon! And that the hands limber up and start working!!! *hugs*

Mimi said...

Thanks Deneen, for posting about your orders from me!
I did send kimberly several threads she ordered when I just started selling monaco threads, but I think you'd all be more pleased with Cannon and Anchor threads. I cant wait to see the hooks too (have to wait till Tues.), I've not seen it sold in stores here.

vicki said...

deneen, i am not sure how strong of a patch they gave you, but they come in different strenghths, i know as i took them for a while, the 25 did nothing for my pain at all, so i switched to the 50 mg one. while that worked, the side effects were so bad for me that i had my doc switch me back to oral meds. i hope they start working for you soon. they should work within about 3 days max. good luck hon

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