Sunday, January 22, 2006

One of those days.............

Yesterday was just one of those days. The new drug taper and changes are so confusing, I have it all written down and still can't keep track. My head is all woozy and I am all wonky with the changes, which will take time. I don't even know if the pain patch is working cause I still have some pain in my hands, legs and feet. What would it be like without it?????

Elena had gift cards to Toys R Us and Borders, so we went to use them. She bought almost $50 worth of toys on clearance at TRU for $11.00. Then onto Borders where she picked out two boxed sets of "Junie B. Jones" books and was thrilled. I am amazed at the money spent at the bookstores because I generally buy my books used at Amazon or on eBay or get them from the library. It's shocking really.

Then we went to Target. I bought cleaning stuff, etc., no big deal, but did get one of those Black and Decker Automatic Jar Openers ($34.99 marked down to $8) for myself. Hands just don't work right.

Needless to say, I was so tired and my feet were numb by the end of the errands. To top it off, five minutes before we left to go, Elena was running around the neighbors yard and fell. I thought she hurt her knee, but apparently it was the knee and ankle. She doesn't have any discoloration or hardly and swelling, but is in pain and limping. She is afraid of the ER and Mike is arguing that since it's not discolored, overly swollen and she can walk and wiggle her toes, she doesn't need an x-ray, but I am overly cautious. I may pick up an ACE to wrap it today and write a note in for gym class tomorrow. However, Elena doesn't want to go to school "hurt" and with the drug thingy here and how shitty I have been feeling, I don't want her home bored all day either.

Anyway, by last night at 9:00 PM, I was falling asleep and I went to bed. First mistake. New drug regimen at night (supposed to HELP me sleep) allowed 3 hours of sleep and then I was awake. I read for an hour and fell back asleep for a few more. Anyway, 5:00 AM I am up doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, surfing the web and blogging. I don't think it helped me sleep. I will give it more time and then if I still have problems, take it in the AM.


I'll post the dyeing pictures tomorrow. I hope to crochet a bit today, lets see if my hands cooperate. Elena is going to my mom's for a few hours this AM so we can vac the pool cover (no never did it yesterday) and get some stuff done around here. Until tomorrow...............

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Tandi said...

I really hope things get better for you soon. You've been in my thoughts.

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