Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mail Goodies!

Have I mentioned how much I adore getting "good" mail? Not bills, just cards, little hellos, etc. Well today I received two packages.

One was the Cascade yarn I ordered (fast shipping, no) and the tweed is gorgeous.

The best mail was a sweater made for me in Wool-Ease Blue Mist by THE SHRONE! It's gorgeous and fits perfectly!

Thank you so much-I never had anyone make me any regular clothing, it's a first and I am thrilled.


Vera said...

Great sweater, and I hop you are feeling better.

Jewels said...

Gorgeous looking sweater!!!! wtg Lori. Oh the cascade does look beautilicious!

Rebecca said...

lovely sweater! i can't believe someone else made that for you! it fits sooo good! although... girlie girlie - are you showing off your pink parts ?!? he he hee

ladylinoleum said...

Nice! Lori rocks!

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