Friday, January 06, 2006

Crocheting Fool!

See, I finish one thing and I have to make something else. I wanted to do this before Christmas, but my hands wouldn't let me, so......I finally made my BIL a skully out of Knit Picks Wool in Chestnut and Wheat. It's double thickness, so he should be warm, since he leaves for work in the middle of the night. I am also attempting to make him a matching scarf, but my hands gave out and I don't know if I'll have enough wool. If not, I'll order more (same dye lot is important) and use these leftovers for fulling something). I hope to get these done and shipped off to Harrisburg next week-although the weather is warmish here now. It's supposed to be cold this weekend, high 36, but next week, all week-50's! How wonderful is that! My hands and body thank the weather gods!

Yesterday was a good day. I did lay down for a few hours, realizing the feather mattress pad and down blanket feel damn good! I slept about an hour yesterday. I also made my famous pizza dough the day before (thank goodness for my Bosch stand mixer) and let it rise, punched down, refrigerate overnight, take out two hours before using and viola! The best, thinnest, crispiest dough evah! Anyway, Elena and Mike made homemade pizza last night that was to die for (okay, to die for is strong, but it was damn good!). Mike buys this fresh buffalo mozzarella and then we use provolone and sauce, yum! Anyway, Elena loves it, her fav, so they made pizza and we ate. The entire time Elena ate it she moaned, literally! She also asked to have that kind of pizza daily-what have I created-a gourmand???

Well, by 8:30 last night, I was bushed. I never, ever go to bed early, but a day of activity, little as it was, wrecked me. I was in bed and asleep before Elena. The first time since I had Elena I ever just went to bed-no checking lights, etc. Just said, "Whoop, that's it, I'm done, off I go". Barely remember my head hitting the pillow. Of course, I was up at 4:45 AM bright eyed and bushy tailed-so here I am posting.

I have that doctor appointment today-12:05. Mike is weirded out by the time-odd isn't it? I know I have an ear infection on the right side, I can feel it and the first antibiotics are done today. I don't expect him to do anything about the rheumy problems, but I think he'll discuss the bone scan (nervous). Also, I am worried a bit about the pleurisy, as it doesn't seem 100% gone and I don't want to go back into the hospital. I also tired very easily, like after a walk across the room-not normal, but maybe cause I was so sick???? I am already getting myself worked up about it-goofy.

I also realized 12:05 appointment cuts into my nap time. That's what time I usually lie down-bummer. I may get my lab work afterwards, don't know-hate getting it, but should, it's due. I guess I don't want to know what that will show either.

I have to admit something, this last flare scared me half to death-really. For the first time, I realize how this disease can kill me and damn if it didn't piss me off to no end. It's not the dying aspect, it's the leaving Elena and Mike behind. The full tilt guilt of it all. I don't want to miss anything with Elena and the guilt is tremendous. The psychological aspect of the disease is getting to me and I may see a counselor for it. There are days when I want to write a long letter to Elena to give to Mike to give to her when she's 18, etc. It's maudlin, but it's stuck in my brain-hence counseling. It makes me feel weak to need to talk to someone about it, but it's for the best.

My hands still aren't 100%, sore and achy, but could be from crocheting yesterday. I hate the Fendi Bag pattern and doubt I'll finish it. I hate the sc-ugh. I have to finish using the corker for the one thing and then may do another fulled bag.

I have to do my wool order for the swap too. I keep changing my mind, but now I have a new idea I think Rebecca will like.

I want to order the book "Crocheted Socks:16 fun to make patterns" from Amazon this weekend. I want to make socks for Mike-another thing in my mind I have to do. The problem is, once I order it, I want it here now!

I haven't bought any yarn except for some Knit Picks wool. I have a bunch of yarn here, but lately want that damn Lion Suede to make Donna's motif jacket. I'll need 900 yards, which should be about 10 or so skeins, about $50-ugh-forget it! I have some cotton chenille here I'll try first. I also am so coveting some Cascade after seeing Elizabeths hat and don't have a good LYS around here. I shall search eBay and the likes.

Tonight the Nickelodean premier of "The Drake and Josh Movie". Elena is beside herself waiting to watch this movie. She's 6 years old and enthralled by Drake! We have a movie date to watch it tonight and I cannot tell you how excited I am-as you can well imagine. I also read yesterday Drake Bell was in a car accident and will need plastic surgery. I was telling Elena and she was upset about poor Drake. She is six years old (yes, I know I said this, but she is into the Nick shows now for ages 7 and up). Man, is this a preview of the teen years?

I am starting to ramble, a sign it's time to stop posting.

Have a good day and wish me luck with the primary!


Natalie said...

Just so you know, it's okay when you ramble cuz I like to read long posts, lol!!

I just recently found a source for Cascade 220 around me - and get this - it's the yarn store in the hospital they have my grama at again. I'd feel terribly morbid going to hospital to yarn shop, but they actually have one of the nicest yarn selections around me!!

That pizza sounds incredible, too!!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

oo chatty cathy.. i have missed posts like this !!

and my last hat was lambs pride.. i havent unveiled the cassade one yet.. BUT i think you will like it just as much .. that should happen today .. if i can get the beads and embroidery done.

Kathy said...

I love the hat! It's YOUR fault I'm addicted to KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, you know. My box came today, and I can't wait to get home and plot out more dyeing.

I understand where you are coming from on wanting to talk to someone; and I think it's an excellent idea. My pain management doctor works with a psychologist who I've spoken with. Chronic pain and/or chronic illness gives us a set of emotions that need to be dealt with. Perhaps a letter for Elena would be theraputic for you. And perhaps, if they have one near you, a group for children living with a parent's chronic illness so she's not alone and can develope coping stratagies for you bad times.

(gentle hugs)

Granny said...

Glad to see that you're back to crocheting.

You have been challenged to a Meme. Check my blog.

Kathy said...

PS: I'll be there next pizza night!

Sedie said...

All the best with the doc. As for the letter, I always think about doing that for DH, just because, so don't think you're weird for wanting to have a letter to Elena. . . but you're not going anywhere! Enjoy your movie night!

Faith said...

The pizza sounds incredible - are you sharing the pizza dough recipe?

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