Monday, January 30, 2006

Crap-Pay Monday

Most people complain about Mondays, not me. It's when I get to clean up after my two cockroaches, who feel it's necessary to leave their trail all over the house during the weekend. Laundry gets done, things are quiet, I vac and sweep up everything and then I get down and kiss the ground for the peace, quiet and solitude. Not today.

I'll start with yesterday cause that's really the beginning. Elena complained of having a stuffy nose, etc on Saturday, but was fine. Yesterday she had a temp of 101.something. Anyway, Mike offered to watch her while I went to the Michaels Crochet Off, which I did and lost. Boye hook and about 17 contenders, one who I believe was on speed cause she beat everyone by three rows of something. Only two knitters, must learn to knit. Anyway, gift basket was Fun Fur and Jiffy-not sour graping, ick. Could not find any small bamboo dpns from Takumi. I need and want size 1,2 and 3 for socks. Anyone know where I can order them?????

Left there, went to Target (did I mention it was pouring). Got Motrin for Elena, a few more things and came home. Fine all done. Elena is still sick, gave her Motrin, seemed better, She had nightmares all night. Mike slept in her room on the trundle bed cause if I catch her illness after being so sick, who knows what it'll turn into.

Temp 101 this AM. I give her Motrin, she hates the chewables and carries on for about 1/2 hour. She's sitting there and I notice a rash all over her legs (she has her PJ pants rolled up cause she is too hot). I call the doctor (after Mike told me to let it go a day, as he always does and he is always wrong). I am worried she's allergic to Motrin. Bring her in, they say. I dress her and get o to doctors, strep throat. The rash is all over her arms, etc caused from the infection. So off we go with a new antibiotic. I get home, go to give her the meds and we hear what sounds like a gun shot and then two small explosions, no power. I call the electric company and they tell me 3 hours til it's back on. It takes me 15 minutes to get the meds into Elena and she promptly falls asleep so I join her. She'll be out of school tomorrow also. The power comes back one, hence this post, and there are two messages on the answering machine: The school attendance officer-I didn't call for her absence and the school superintendent-problem with keeping the bus stop here another few weeks. I call the school and tell them I had no power and that Elena has strep-I need a doctor note-pain in the asses. Super is in a meeting and will call me back-bastard,

So here I sit, trying to get the laundry dried I put in this AM, do some dishes, and generally feel sorry for my ass for not having my solitude-how selfish am I????


Sedie said...

I hope Elena feels better soon. . . I think it's understandable that you like your solitude time, sounds like a frustrating start to a Monday. . . It will be better soon.

noricum said...

Blimey. I can see them asking the kid for a note if they just showed up after an absence, but they think *you* would lie about your child's condition!?! And they're hassling you about the bus again! Man. Crappy administration. :P

Oh... that reminds me. I'll be going to the post office tomorrow. Did you want my straights and the flexible #5s? I'll pay for postage, I just want to make sure you want them. :)

Wendy said...

A note? Good thing you already took her in. Sheesh! Sorry you don't get your Mondays, I know how much you look forward to those and I don't blame you.

Kari said...

Hope Elena feels better soon!

I don't think you are being selfish... a mom needs those moments.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

omg they want a fucking note? they call when the kid isnt in school .. ? sheesh.. on one hand its good they keep up..on the other .. dont they have anything better to do than hassle you ?

and no you are not selfish .. dammit!

Kathy said...

And if you sent her in sick they'd be calling you to come get her, nevermind that she'd infect the whole school with strep. Sometimes I'm glad I'm the mother of dropouts.

I pray you don't catch strep, you do NOT need germs of any kind. And tell Elena I'll send my sons to kick her butt if she doesn't take her meds nicely. Better yet, if she does take them nicely, and you tell me she did; she will be getting something in the mail.

You are NOT selfish, trust me; family closeness can only be tolerated so long...that's why there is free public education. And after cleaning up after them all weekend, you certainly deserve a quiet Monday to clean up their mess.

Jewels said...

oh, so N.o.t. fun. Geez, I wish the postman would have delivered a happy parcel to you. They are slow..2 weeks and it was sent airmail! What do they do, tape it onto a duck flying south?? oops, pardon the "duck-tape" pun.

Marvie said...

Hope Elena feels better soon, strep is no fun =( Keep a safe distance so you don't get it too!

I know how you feel about Mondays, and no way is it selfish!


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